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What Models Worth Purchasing on BOOX 2020 Mid-Year Sale

For those torn between Note2, Max3 and Nova2.

BOOX is now launching its mid-year promotion on June 3 to 21 at the official BOOX Shop, Amazon and AliExpress. BOOX also attracted increasing users by displaying its devices on Youtube LIVE and gave out extra coupons to make its offers more lucrative.

How can you take advantage of this event, and which is the right model for you to order?

Here’re some suggestions.

Note2: Balance Portability and Functionality Perfectly

Photo by Onyx Team

BOOX Note2 has recently been selected as the Editor’s Choice of PCMag and listed as the best Android tablets and the best tablets for 2020.

Such honors are attributed to its configuration. A 10.3’’ screen with 1872-by-1404 resolution and 227dpi is made for reading small-size or large-format files and manga without much detail loss. Android 9.0 OS provides smoother operation and improved compatibility of third-party applications. A 4300mhA battery can last weeks to support light to heavy reading and note-taking use.

And the weight of 378g (13.33 ounces) adds little burden to your backpack. Also, the adjustable front light with cold and warm hues enables you to read, write, draw at any time, any place. 16 greyscale is enough for displaying texts and most of the details of manga.

You can take it as a B5 notepad on which you can sketch big images, or a 10-inch tablet that shows large-format files without much compression. As its site has said: “Note2 has the right size for everything.”

If you don’t know which model worth buying on this great event, Note2 is a great choice.

Max3: Made for Displaying Large-format Files

Black Max3
Photo by Onyx Team

13.3’’ Max3 makes it well-known for its size and pops out in the large-format E Ink tablet market with its outstanding performance.

For most Max3 buyers, this model helps them read PDF and sheet music easily. Like Note2, its Neo reader supports a wide array of file formats, including CBR, DOC, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, PDF, RTF, text, and more. And its 13.3inch screen determines that it shows A4-size files — magazines, essays, office word docs — better than any of the smaller devices. Even if you’re an epub reader, you can choose the two-column format with landscape display to make Max3 look like a real book and enjoy the immersive reading.

Also, Max3 is the only model with a micro HDMI input port, which enables it to work as the secondary monitor for displaying texts.

If you read a lot of large-format files and love the Android 9.0 OS, you can buy Max3 on this June promotion.

Nova2: Pack All the Best Stuff into A Small Body

Photo by Onyx Team

If portability matters to you most, go with 7.8’’ Nova2. It’s just a bit larger than Kindle Oasis. Still, it’s small enough to be put into your bag, placed on your desk, and display small-size books clearly with a Carta screen with 300 dpi and 1872-by-1404 resolution.

Like its bigger “brothers” Notes and Max3, Nova2 runs Android 9.0 and handles many file formats with its built-in reading app. It has an Octa-core 2.0GHz processor as well to power the smooth operation. It also supports dual-band wifi and 4.1 Bluetooth, offering different connection choices. With its Note app and a generic stylus, you can sketch small images and take down notes as you do on an A5 notepad with infinite pages.

For people who don’t read pdf files and want to carry their device along with them to read books and take notes anytime, you cannot miss Nova2 in this mid-year sale.

Consider Your Prior Demand

Before you order any BOOX model, take a minute to think about your primary needs of using BOOX.

If you usually read normal-size books and manga, a smaller eReader with higher pixel density can match your needs. If you need to read a lot of large A4-size files, you should consider a big-format tablet. Your reading materials matter to your preferred size and configuration of BOOX.

Besides reading factor, portability also affects your choice. The largest difference between all the discounted models is their size. If you like putting your E Ink device into the pocket and carrying it around, a 7.8’’ Nova2 shall suit you best. If you don’t mind a larger tablet trading portability for a more comfortable reading experience of large files, a 13.3‘’ Max3 can beat out small gadgets. However, if you want your device to be both portable and versatile, you can just go with the Note2.

Great News on Poke2

The 6’’ Poke2, after a long-time of supply shortage, is coming back in the next two weeks. Before you can order it at the Official Boox Shop, you can read The Kindle Killer by Laura to learn about this tiny yet powerful eReader.

Any Device is A Great Choice for Reading and Note-taking

Whether it’s 10.3" Note2, 13.3" Max3, 7.8" Nova2 or 6" Poke2, you can always find the one that suits you best. Order Note2, Max3 and Nova2 on June 3 to 21 at the Official BOOX shop to benefit from the great discounts.




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