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BORA Wallet App

Hi, Community

We have released a BORA Wallet App that provide BORA members can manage BORA Tokens anytime, anywhere.

BORA Wallet is a cryptocurrency personal wallet service that is automatically provided when you subscribe to the BORA ISLAND. You can keep safely BORA Tokens and SHELL Tokens in BORA Wallet.

With BORA Wallet, you can easily switch between the Ethereum based ‘BORA Tokens’ and BORA Platform currency ‘SHELL Tokens’

BORA ISLAND members can transfer BORA tokens with e-mail address and check transaction history in BORA Wallet, immediately. Also, it’s possible to deposit by QR code.

You can download BORA wallet APP for free on Google Play or Apple App Store after sign up BORA ISLAND

※ Please note that the iOS version does not support ‘social login’ according to Apple’s policy.





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