Some People Don’t Want To See You Succeed

And that’s okay, keep working towards your goals

Some people don’t want you to succeed.

They’re smiling in your face, congratulating you, liking you recent social media update, but they’re secretly wishing for you to fail.

Some people have the crabs in a barrel mentality and can’t stand to see someone be more successful from them, especially if you came from the same playing field (or less) as them.

Some people like to pour their negative energy on you and drag you into the their pity party so their negative mindset can be validated. Don’t entertain these types of people. This is a distraction. Shut off that noise and stay focused.

Moral of the story, share your goals wisely and be careful with who you let into your life. Don’t waste your time convincing people why your plan will work. It’s not your job to do that. They’ll come through when they convince themselves.

Stay focused and true to yourself.

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