Why We Invested in HookMotion: The Eye in the Sky

HookMotion uses computer vision and AI to offer real-time game tracking, error and fraud detection.

Fiona Hamilton
Oct 12 · 3 min read
Photo from Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Every year, casinos lose $12Bn worldwide from player fraud, dealer errors, costly table monitoring personnel, and poor floor optimization. Current traditional surveillance methods fail to detect card dealer errors and fraudulent player tactics in a timely manner.

Loto-Québec presented these pain points to a class of budding entrepreneurs at ÉTS in a reverse pitch. Matthieu, Samy, and Dominic came together to tackle this problem, and HookMotion was born. HookMotion offers a solution designed to meet the challenges of casino surveillance. Its solution, TableMotion, uses machine learning and computer vision to simplify monitoring and data collection processes. For casinos, HookMotion helps monitor table games by collecting information on player performance and by identifying potential anomalies. The company aims to provide casinos with a suite of software solutions to manage their establishment more efficiently.

The Solution: TableMotion

TableMotion provides casino managers with functionalities that address key pain points faced by the industry.

  • Player performance can be tracked in real time, and casino managers are provided with an overview of which players on the floor are winning at any given time. If a player is counting cards, management will be notified immediately.
  • Management is also alerted if any mispayments or other fraudulent activities occur at the table games on the casino floor.
  • TableMotion provides management with a live bird’s eye view on the casino floor, showing relevant KPIs at each table and pit. It also provides them with a floor building tool, which allows them to leverage the data collected to optimize the casino’s layout.
  • TableMotion streamlines communications between staff and reduces the need for human monitoring of tables, allowing staff to concentrate on higher value add tasks like client satisfaction.

Early Signs of International Success

Matthieu, Dominic, and Samy have proven their ability to listen closely to customers and to nimbly respond to their needs. They have surrounded themselves with an experienced team of mentors and advisors such as William Bonar, who has 40 years of experience in the industry. He was previously VP Surveillance at Sands China, which owns 5 casinos in Macau with over 1500 table games. He also worked with Dallmeier on a casino analytics solution for a number of years.

We strongly believe in the management team’s vision and in their ability to execute on it. We are proud to be a partner of theirs and we look forward to supporting them in their growth.

Boreal Ventures is committed to supporting innovative deeptech companies like HookMotion that listen to their customers to deliver a tailor-made solution that addresses their pain points.

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