33 Days of Microdosing Psilocybin to Measure Changes to Athletic Performance

Michael Woronko
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11 min readFeb 14, 2020

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

Truth be told, it hadn’t been 33 consecutive days. As any micro-dosing advocate would suggest, days off are necessary. And while everyone chimes in with their own suggestion towards how best to structure days-on and days-off, I figured to simply do whatever I felt had been adequate as I micro-dosed psilocybin mushrooms for over a month in an effort to measure its effects on my physical and athletic capability.

Presented below are the extremely condensed results of my work. Given the current legislative atmosphere throughout North America, I’m choosing to not publish the full results of these findings to the public domain. A full copy of the study can be requested here.

There’s also a need to disclose that any scientific studies into the apparent benefits of psychoactive substances are all steeped in risk of bias¹; this particular ‘study’ is no exception, as I had gone into this experiment with certain preconceived expectations that could not be eliminated. With respect to psilocybin in particular, there is currently no academic study that purports to examine its use in an athletic or sportive context.

Note that this endeavor itself is not scientific nor academic in nature — it had been conducted under an entertainment pre-text and driven by honest curiosity. Academia itself is currently spinning its circles and rushing to quantify pro-psilocybin results to better-accommodate a wave of start ups that is currently coursing its way through this sprouting new industry; accordingly, I figured to try and provide honest results based on mounting interest in this subject.


No self-improvement trend has ever swept its way through online forums and work spaces in the way that micro-dosing has, with psilocybin promising to be the be-all, end-all wonder drug that propels motivated success-seekers to unprecedented pinnacles of self-mastery.

On the heels of cannabis legalization sprawling throughout North America, all eyes are now eagerly fixed upon the slow but all-too-sure legalization of psilocybin, surfing atop a vast wealth of praise (from both therapeutic and pop-cultured standpoints) as cannabis itself had done only years prior.