Insanity And Lost— What Mind

| Poem | A prompt about a person who spirals into insanity |

Hello! So, I’ve come up with a new prompt! It is about a person who is or about to lose their minds, using the song, ‘Habits (Stay High)’ by Tove Lo, Hippie Sabotage Remix version, as an influence. It can be styled up into poetry, short story, anything you like. I’ll be picking a few to be a part of this prompt, they are — Shannon Ashley, LB, Stephen M. Tomic, Olivia Semple, Tom Conley, DiAmaya Dawn, Adam, Diabetic Cyborg, Joan Evans, Farida Haque, and Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻.

I wish you all luck in this prompt.

Photo by Jesús Rocha on Unsplash

I remember little of who I am, 
What I do,
And thought to who I am, 
I am worried for what I might do.
It is about the questions and the reinvention,
What is what for the person of who I am
And to what pain I suffer,
To want to lose what I knew,
To what game.
You will see,
And know less,
I don’t doubt your questioning,
Even if you do,
It has always been about who I am to be true,
For it is the question after question,
That weakens my mind,
That I wonder if I hadn’t spiraled into myself.
If I hadn’t erased and overridden what must be hidden,
No matter to who or how I will never to escape from,
I must sound lost or that of insane,
I must be both of each in halves,
But I’ve not forgotten who I lived as a person,
At least not before the pain of meeting those who’d known nothing,
But had questioned my identity.
So — 
All those that think but not finish,
And finish without thinking,
The only thought left is have forgotten who you are,
When the questioning had been asked and done,
Asked and done,
Asked and done,
How are you certain of who you are,
When the questions make you think of lies,
Those to keep you alive, 
For you to survive.
It is of worldly questions and those of unknown,
That make anyone else question — 
A world if you truly live or of what you are to live,
All of it still to this moment are — 
Of the same questions,
The same answers being thrown and whacked back,
Squash and ball,
But no answer,
These are the survival tips of being half and half — 
Lost and insane.
 — —