Those ‘Friendly Chat’ Articles? Do you Read Them? Should You Write Them?

There is a place for them, but you need to do them well. Here’s how..

The ‘friendly-chat’ writer touches on the normality of our lives — every day frustrations, sentimental moments, and the tabloid gossips that titillate us for an entrancing minute. Pixabay Merio

Life is complicated, stressful, difficult to negotiate at times, and in those times, we frequently just need nonsense conversation, humor on the tv, or a lighthearted read about the cat peering at the fish in the goldfish bowl.




Born to write, and born to read. Found out yet that words can make you bleed?

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Tessa Schlesinger

Tessa Schlesinger

Author writing fiction. Loves photography, beauty, decor, dancing, travel, & secular ethics. Born and bred in Africa.

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