Enzo Greco
Aug 12 · 3 min read

In retail, you’re not only selling clothes, but you’re also selling a lifestyle. Five stylish spots that fit perfectly.

Go with the flaw

Diesel has a simple but strong philosophy: stop chasing perfection.

No matter how hard you try, imperfections will always prevail. Diesel embraces it with a love story where the new collection plays merely a small part. The purpose isn’t selling sweaters, but a state of mind. Publicis Italia delivered this sequel working together with the same team as the first campaign.

Crocodile tears

Every relationship has its rough moments, but the French Lacoste takes it to a whole new level…

With heavy CGI on-screen and Édith Piaf through the speakers, I can’t unsee the resemblance with Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Not a bad reference to have. The behind the scenes proof that the production team made a huge effort to capture as many effects on camera. Great story and execution.

Directors collective Megaforce and Iconoclast VFX have a nice track when it comes to mutual projects. The ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner‘ team possibly delivered another award-winning spot.

Your own path

Adidas seems to have a slightly dark vision for the future and encourages everyone not the follow the herd.

I don’t know how far the concept stretches, but the individual character matches the single point perspective perfectly. It instantly adds drama to the shots and makes room for ‘society roadblocks’ you have to overcome. Concept by Johannes Leonardo NY, directed by Terence Neale.

Focus Shift

Napapijri originally started as a high-end ski-clothing brand. Somehow they got picked up by the urban and hip hop scene. This insight heavily influenced the new spring-summer introduction (for the impatient viewers: skip to 01:40 for the fun part).

The experimental vibe of Adidas continuous, which makes sense if you look at a similar target audience. Director Stefan Pakusevskij divided the video into three chapters: a slow and scenic bohemian introduction, an intense urban mid-part where the experimental and dynamic vibe reaches its climax and an 80s hip hop end for the title sequence. Somehow Pakusevskij manages to merge these different styles (and subcultures) together. Cudo’s for that! Produced by FullScream.

Star cast

American fashion label Rag & Bone hires big names from concept to camera and music.

Aaron Duffy and Bob Partington deliver their signature on-camera experiments as we know from their OK Go music videos. It’s interesting and inspiring to see how they keep getting the max out of a fairly simple setup.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke strings everything together with his personal projects vibe of minimal and electronic music.

Last Week

I stay in the experimental vibe with six weird music videos that most definitely stick.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.


Award-winning digital creative agency. We create seamless brand experiences, supercharged with rich content.

Enzo Greco

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Award-winning digital creative agency. We create seamless brand experiences, supercharged with rich content.

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