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Be patient, you already won

Weekly Shot #10

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Another Monday, another weekly shot. Back again to a main idea rather than something from a book, and this one is a really important one. And I’m really insistent with that. It changed my vision of life and allowed me to take some big decisions recently.

As usually, you can go on my profile to check the previous weekly shot if you’re interested.


First of all, I want to thanks two person:

First, Robel, the idea of this post comes from one of his Instagram story when he talked quickly about it.

And secondly my friend Ammar, who shared the Robel’s Instagram story so I could see it.

It tooks only few seconds to check the story, I watched it 2 or 3 times I think to be sure to understand everything and then I entred in a deep reflexion about it. That’s this reflexion that I will try to explain along this post.

What do you (really) want to do ?

That’s a simple question with a difficult answer. Before talking about the main point of this post, you have to know what you want to do, but really. We all have a fast answer to this question, but here the answer needs to really think about it deeply. What do you really want to do of your life ? What could you do during the next couple or dozens years without being tired baout ? What you could think about day and night because you’re almost obsessed by that ? If you didn’t have things to care about (bills, job, money, friends…) what could you do of your days ?

To help you find an answer I will help you with a little example :

This tweet was shared on Instagram too, by another entrepreneur and I think it was shared exactly at the right time for this post.

The answer at the question in this tweet is the answer to the questions I’ve asked just before. To make it even simpler, what would you do if you already have everything you need in your life ?

I already know the answer for me, I will do the exact same things that I do today : I will continue to write, I will continue to share my journey on Instagram, I will continue to develop apps, I will continue to learn new things, because that’s what I want to do, no matters what.

Do what you love

Now that you should have approximately found what you would like to do, there is something else important that comes with. That’s something more general this time, but you should always (or at least mostly) do what you love.

Something that you all know, we only have one life, but actually that’s the main reason to no waste your time by doing something you don’t like. Do you think that wake up everyday and thinking that you will spend your whole day by doing something you don’t want is something viable ? Ok you could do it one or two days for some random reasons, but spend the majority of your life doing something you don’t like is not normal. And I said it’s not normal, not it’s bad or what, it isn’t normal. Why would you do that ? Are you punished ? Did you missed something ? I don’t think so. Some people will tell me that it’s not easy, they don’t have the choice they have bills to pay etc… I can understand that, but what I can’t is the persons who complain and don’t even try something. Where did you saw that I said that it’s easy ? Doing what you love and be able to live from that is not something easy, completely not, if it was, everybody would do it. But if you don’t try, you can’t make it happen. So try as much as possible to do what you love, if you really love it, it will not be that hard.

You already won

Here comes the main point. If you take the two previous points and that you think a bit about it, you will end to the conclusion that you already won.

Basicaly, with the first point, you defined what you would like to do the most in your life. With the second, you know that you should mainly do what you love, so mainly what you found in the first point. So what else do you need ?

Spoiler alert : Nothing.

Obviously, people have different goals and different way to define their success. But what are you pursuing ? To be successful, rich, whatever, or to do what you would love the most in your life ? According to what you found in the first point it should be the second option. If it’s not, well, this post is not really for you.

So, the goal now is to apply the second point : Doing what you love.
Actually we can’t always all do what we want whenever we want. But we should really do it at least a bit in our daily life. Then the goal will be to be able to do it during the most of your time, even being hable to live from that.

Considering that, at the point that you can do what you love, at least a bit, you already won. Your goal is to do that things that give a sense to your life, if you’re already working on it, you’ve won. You don’t need an approbation or some success to say that you won. Do what you love, what you could do even if you already have whatever the world can give you, and then you will be the winner whatever could happen.

Be patient

Last quick point, but not the easiest one. Now that you know that you already won, why should you hurry up ? Why do you want to do it fast, to be able to show something or whatever as fast as possible ? Why should you worry about the time you will take to make something that you will spend almost all your life on ? You do what you would like to, what could happen next is mainly optional, you do it because you love it, for the journey, the process, not for the end of the race, mainly because there is no end.

Being patient is not that simple, I know that well because I’m not really patient myself, except for the important things that I know I’ve to work for. That’s the point here. I really want to learn new things to develop more apps, and before I was like, I have to do it as fast as possible. But now that I tought about all of that, why should I hurry ? I love what I’m doing and I will do it anyway, now, in 3, 6, 12, 48 months… It will be the same, I know I will do it, so I just have to be patient, I’ve my whole life to make it happen.


I hope this will help you to deeply think about it and act in consequence. I tried to explain it well, but as it’s something a bit abstract it could be a bit difficult to explain, and even more to understand. So if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask them to me !

That’s all and enough for today.

Thank you for reading. If you liked it, don’t hesitate to follow me or to leave some claps or comments to let me know your opinion. Sharing is also allowed and free !

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