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BOSAGORA Global Community Expansion

During our community Ask Me Anything [AMA] session back in May with Satoshi Club, we witnessed an incredible moment for the project, when the Telegram channel was paused for just under a minute to allow members, visitors, observers, and basically just anyone in the channel to ask us anything.

We knew the interest was strong, we knew the numbers of people interested were high, but to receive about 600 questions in just 80 seconds? That to us was a huge demonstration of just how far the BOSAGORA community has come.

Witnessing such a response reminds us that our goals this year in 2020 are well-guided and in the right direction, because, as we said in the same AMA, this year we will be focusing on growth and visibility.

And yes, this does mean getting BOA listed on major exchanges (just as we have on Bittrex Global, Bithumb, and Coinbene, in case you would like to get BOA with Bitcoin or USDT!). Yes, this does mean that we want to announce major partnerships to leverage the different and diverse networks of users and businesses that will benefit from BOSAGORA technology. And yes, we definitely want to head towards the launch of an extremely vital utility case study in the form of Votera (which is under heavy development and scheduled for a showcase by Q4 this year).

But as vital, and as exciting, is our focus on growing and expanding our presence and community throughout the world.

Making a Better World with BOSAGORA

When we talk about the technical aspects of BOSAGORA, we discuss a lot about the Congress Network and Trust Contracts, and how each of these vital cogs in the entire ecosystem works together to produce a practical and achievable result of democratic governance. And underlying all of this, we have a common philosophy of “Making a Better World with BOSAGORA”.

For us, this isn’t just a slogan that tells us why we are here. This is our uniting call to remind us what we want to achieve. What BOSAGORA wants to contribute to and leave behind as a lasting legacy for the world we live in.

BOSAGORA is about being a project enabler using crowd intelligence to identify good projects and help them succeed, transitioning from a mere concept to a working reality. Particularly with the Common Budget, it even seeks to fund these concepts financially, so that research, development, and implementation can happen.

In simpler and more practical terms, this means being able to identify together which are the best ideas and best projects that bring good to society and people. And then, trusting in the common sense of common people, to intuitively select the project or idea that brings the most good.

But to do all of that, we must first build not just the technological infrastructure, but the social one. To achieve all of this, we must have a strong, vibrant, healthy community of BOSAGORA users, to help power, validate, and secure this network, keeping it functioning the way it was meant to.

Why should BOSAGORA’s backbone be its community?

When we set out to achieve BOSAGORA, we wanted to help people build supportive networks of digital societies that are increasingly online and apart from traditional institutions. Those who believe that we must find a different, better way for democratic decision-making for the common good.

Safe communities help each other, and prevent harm, and help each other rebuild. Informed communities expose each other to new knowledge ensuring everyone has a voice and can speak their mind.

If we truly want to make a better world, then it must be made better for the world, it must be made to be inclusive. If we want to achieve crowd intelligence and democratic governance, then it must be with the collective values and common humanity at local, national, and global levels.

For us, we see progress no longer just as a result of united cities, countries, cultures, or people, but unity as a global community.

A community that is vibrant and global

Online, across various social media platforms, we have a good base and foundation for the BOSAGORA global community that fits the vision of strength that is required for this idea of democratic governance to become reality.

Having begun our roots in South Korea, it is perhaps quite natural that we have a large base in our Korean community group on Telegram. But to recognize the global appeal and international diversity of the wider users, we also have an equally active English community group on Telegram. Today, we have established a presence across many social media platforms: casting our net wide and far on Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Youtube, and Github. This reflects our desire to connect to the multi-faceted groups of people across different mediums and digital communities.

In early June, we also announced the results of our Community Admins campaign under the slogan “Get Global and Make a Better World!”. We received so much enthusiasm and support from applicants, and it wasn’t easy making the final decisions, but we finally settled on five new local communities and their admins who will share BOSAGORA news, updates, and announcements:

There is still much to be done. There are still corners yet to be reached, ideas yet to be seen, and voices yet to be heard. Perhaps our work will never truly be complete. But what is important is that we try to do better every day.

And this year, we really want to focus our efforts on doing just that.

It is our wish that together with you, our global community of users, supporters, enthusiasts, developers, thinkers, and creators, we work towards that common dream of making a better world with BOSAGORA.




Contribute to making a better world with blockchain technology as a project enabler

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