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CNN Money BOSAGORA Interview, Being invited to Geneva Blockchain Conference, etc.

Monthly Report December 2019


During the month of December, the AGORA development team continued to make advancements related to Validator development, in addition, to begin the initial design phase for our Administrative Interface (GUI). We have been pretty quiet about the Administrative Interface because we’d like to underpromise and overdeliver to ensure that we are delivering the best possible product that we can. AGORA Validator development is currently around 65% of the way done. The following functionality is currently in development:

Functionality in Development:

Core Development in December:

Monthly Activity:
Last month we had 19 pull-requests and 2 active issues. Of which:
4 pull requests proposed,
15 pull requests merged,
2 new issues.

Validator Developments Made in December:


[Global TV channel, CNN Money Interviewed BOSAGORA project]

In December last year, our founder Serge Komaromi appeared at CNN Money, a leading economic cable channel, to introduce BOSAGORA project.

In this interview, Serge explained congress and governance as an integral part of BOSAGORA platform and gave an example of SDG(Sustainable Development Goal) as one of the anticipated use cases. He went on to explain the plan of supporting BOSAGORA ecosystem partners through commons budget and finished the interview. We will continuously put effort into drawing remarkable outcomes to get the attention of world-renowned channels and promote our project more widely.

[Signed service agreement with Korea Smart Authentication Corp]

BOSAGORA signed a supply contract and business agreement with KoSAC(Korea Smart Authentication Corp) as a provider of DeFora and technical development partner. DeFora is a service developed by KoSAC which will play an important role at the core of BOSAGORA platform, congress. We will try our best to enrich BOSAGORA ecosystem through collaboration with KoSAC for technical development.

[BOSAGORA & KoSAC are invited to Geneva Blockchain Congress]

BOSAGORA and KoSAC which started to receive media and industry attention since BOSAGORA’s first Geneva meetup in November, last year, were invited to participate in the ‘Geneva Blockchain Congress’, hosted by the city of Geneva on January 20, 2020.

Geneva is a city dedicated to early achievement of SDG(Sustainable Development Goals) and a home to diverse international organizations, top-class educational institutes, financial capitalists, UN and CERN(European Organization for Nuclear Research). It has a great meaning in that we are invited to such an event as a platform aiming for the realization of deliberative democracy through governance in blockchain.

The core aim of the 2nd Geneva Blockchain Congress is to promote a constructive and healthy exchange of views between international standard-setting bodies, national governments that create the legal frameworks, and the private sector. For this aim, figures including Facebook Libra COO Perez, IBM blockchain solution director Schulz Walters, Philip Morris vice president Elvis, Blockchain Revolution author Don Tapscott and KoSAC CEO Kibong Moon developing DeFora are going to deliver speeches about current affairs, technology level and plan for the year 2020. Details regarding the event will be shared after Jan. 20

[Accelerating Listing on Global Exchange]

Listing on a large global exchange is what we regard as the most important thing to do and we are endeavoring to achieve that. Regarding that, we are under discussion with one of the global top-tier exchanges and will try our best to get listed by 1Q as early as possible. This year, we will maximize the value of our project by listing on large global exchange and will unfold inventive and interesting marketing activities through consultation with small-to-medium size exchanges so that many can come across BOSAGORA in various exchanges. We will share the news as soon as visible outcome like signing contract comes out.

[Forming Partnership with global utility wallet company anticipated]

While discussing with various global utility tool service companies for business opportunity, we encountered a global hardware wallet company featuring high security and convenience, and are nearing to the clinching of partnership. As this company has global coverage for their business, BOSAGORA holders can buy and use it conveniently and safely. Hopefully, we may deliver good news by mid-January. We will continue looking for a meaningful partner like this.

[New homepage to be opened]

We are due to open a new homepage which contains a new direction of BOSAGORA by next week. We renovated the homepage to be mobile friendly so that people can easily access BOSAGORA. We will unveil a new vision of BOSAGORA, and the white paper of BOSAGORA based on the new vision which has been amended to fit better with BOSAGORA platform. We hope you pay a lot of attention in the future.


Here is a detailed look at expenses accrued for BOSAGORA for the month of December. To understand the attached document better, here is an explanation for each entry.

  • Salary: Salaries for 25 full-time employees.
  • Tax: Total of income tax and 4 major insurances (Korea specific)
  • Reserves for Retirement Allowance: Provision for advanced payment to be paid when employees retire (Korea specific)
  • Employee benefits: Members’ meal plans, snacks, team outings, etc.
  • Hardware: PC and other necessary equipment purchasing expenditures for new entrant.
  • Operating
    - AWS (Amazon Web Services) and groupware (collaboration tools) cost, marketing cost, business trips and related meetings, stipends, VAT and other relevant operational expenditures.
    - Outsourcing Expenses: Temporary expense increase due to a contract for supply with KoSAC.
  • Rent expenses: Office rental
  • Commission: Translation, administrative and taxation outsourcing service fees.
  • Professional fee: Intellectual properties (BOSAGORA, etc.) registration, accountants, legal services and other professional services fees.
  • Administrative expenses: Others



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