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SCPD code into Agora, Ensuring Validators sign with a frozen UTXO, etc.

Dev. Team Update Sprint 8 & 9

Here are those that our development team has been hard at work developing a handful of new functionality related to the AGORA architecture.

Functionality Implementations

The Enrollment Process is the protocol for a node to register as a validator. All validators can participate in the consensus process as a voter.

Verify the signature with the UTXO publickey of the validator. If the UTXOs for that validator are actually melting, the signature is considered invalid.

  • Admin Interface

Ongoing Development

Please note that what the Dev. team will be working on for the next sprint.

  • Write an alternative to `std.concurrency`
  • Design and implement quorum balancing
  • Implement Schnorr-based signature of the block




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