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Airdrop Completion & Coin burn, External Marketing began, Validator Development Going on, etc.

MONTHLY COMMUNITY UPDATE 2019 (Oct. 10th ~ Nov. 13th)

Development Update

October was a great month for the AGORA development team. As we get further into Validator development we find ourselves shifting most of our efforts to the development of the consensus protocol part of AGORA. In addition to Validator development, the team has been working on releasing something a little more graphical for everyone to get their hands on. We can’t release any details on what this will be but we’ll let you know as soon as we can via our Telegram channel. During October the team pushed 45 commits to all branches and merged 31 Pull Requests.

Core Development in October:

Monthly Activity:

Last month we had 58 pull-requests and 38 active issues. Of which:

  • 2 pull requests proposed
  • 31 pull requests merged
  • 12 issues closed
  • 6 new issues


Marketing Update

Since the last update, BOSAGORA completed the BOA token airdrop, rounded out the white paper’s vision, mission and congress direction, and participated in various meetup and conference to get ready for full scale global marketing expansion. In order to effectively provide more information to the community, the homepage reorganization work began and we will share more in-depth development information through biweekly update of development status.

Airdrop Completion & Token Burn
As noted, we have completed BOSAGORA’s airdrop by the end of October. Immediately on following week, after airdrop completion announcement, we also conducted token burn. BOSAGORA will keep its promise to the community and do its best to increase the value of BOA.

Meetup & Conference
During the month of October, we went through a lot of preparations, meetings and consultations in order to actively carry out various external activities from November. We held a meetup to introduce BOSAGORA and Defora, congress function, to around 60 UN, NGO officials and individuals, in Geneva, Switzerland, the center of direct democracy.

Blockchain Financial Conference

Also, President Inhwan Kim was invited to the Blockchain Financial Conference, which introduces advanced blockchain financial system of Switzerland hosted by SACA(Swiss Asia Crypto Association), as a speaker, he presented the case of BOSAGORA as a transparent and sound project.

MTN Blockchain Insight Frontier Interview

CEO Munsu Lee appeared on MTN, Korea’s leading economic cable channel, to introduce the BOSAGORA project. In addition, BOSAGORA participated in Malta AI Blockchain Summit as a sponsor and carried out various activities and began networking with global top tier exchange and global prospect partners at The Capital Conference held in Singapore.

We are collaborating to be listed on a new global exchange with excellent soundness and stability. We are also preparing to be listed on large exchange, but since it takes time, until then, we will try to increase the value of the project through co-marketing by discovering exchange with high potential from a strategic point of view. We are scheduled to deliver good news with new exchange around mid November.

We have completed the vision, mission and congress direction which will become the foundation of BOSAGORA project. We will release it to community as soon as the remaining key details are updated.

Contract with Global Marketing Agency
For BOSAGORA’s active global marketing activity, we have signed a contract with Amazix which has administered successful global marketing of more than 100 projects. We will focus on increasing the value of the project through more efficient marketing activities with Amazix.

Communication Channel Maintenance
The website reorganization has started to provide more efficient information, and brand video works are being planned to effectively inform BOSAGORA’s strengths. Through BOSAGORA’s new website, we will share more development & business information.

The September Community Update revealed the development and activity of BOSAGORA over the past month. In order to render the development team’s activities more dynamic and realistic, we have released the ‘Dev. Team Update’ to the community from mid October every two weeks. We will elaborate difficult development contents to make it easier to understand, so that many people will be more interested in the development of BOSAGORA.

Finance Update

Here is a detailed look at expenses accrued for BOSAGORA for the month of October To understand the attached document better, here is an explanation for each entry.

  • Salary: Salaries for 25 full-time employees.
  • Tax: Total of income tax and 4 major insurances (Korea specific)
  • Reserves for Retirement Allowance: Provision for advanced payment to be paid when employees retire (Korea specific)
  • Employee benefits: Members’ meal plans, snacks, team outings, etc.
  • Hardware: PC and other necessary equipment purchasing expenditures for new entrant.
  • Operating: AWS (Amazon Web Services) and groupware (collaboration tools) cost, marketing cost, business trips and related meetings, stipends, VAT and other relevant operational expenditures.
  • Rent expenses: Office rental
  • Commission: Translation, administrative and taxation outsourcing service fees.
  • Professional fee: Intellectual properties (BOSAGORA, etc.) registration, accountants, legal services and other professional services fees.
  • Administrative expenses: Others

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