BOScoin Bounty Tracker Progress

BOScoin: Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform

Thanks for participating in the BOScoin Bounty Program so far. We received over 530 applications within a week!

We were overwhelmed by the high caliber applications and we’re now ready to present an initial view of the public Bounty tracker to you!

You can check the BOS allocation for:

  • Newsletter/Slack
  • BitcoinTalk Signature/Avatar(Stakes)
  • Blog Posts

Please note, in order to track the BOS earned during the bounty program, you will need to include your Slack username in the application form — if you have yet to set one up, please feel free to email us your slack user name and we can include it into your application for you to track your BOS earned in the future (we will not advertise your email in the tracker).

We’re in the process of updating the Facebook activities (page like and activity like/share/comment), and Twitter columns as well.

Here’s the BOScoin Public Bounty Tracker (until now). We aim to update the sheet on a weekly basis (Fridays).

We have allocated approx USD$20,000 for the Bitcointalk Signature campaign and have only received 22 successful applications so far — that means a lot of BOS is still available for people to apply for!

Feel free to join the BitcoinTalk Signature/Avatar campaign and earn BOScoin for FREE!

Have a nice day
Team BOScoin

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