BOScoin Fundraiser Success!

BOScoin: Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform

The BOScoin Fundraiser was an outstanding success! The Fundraiser started on May 10th (0:00 GMT) and was scheduled to end on June 20th.

Unexpectedly, the funds quickly jumped from 0% to 65% within 9 minutes! We were overwhelmed on how quickly the progress bar rose.

Sadly, due to a calculation error, the BOScoin Fundraiser was paused prematurely. After a short-hiatus the Fundraiser was resumed.

Thanks to the support from the BOScoin community we raised over $12 M within 17 hours! $15 M when we include the Pre-Fundraiser.

Overall the BOScoin Fundraiser Raised:

  • 276,093,688.786 BOScoin Tokens Distributed
  • 6,902.342 BTC Raised
  • 12,202,995.54 Equivalent to USD Raised
  • 2,473 Participants Joined

The fundraiser is officially closed.

With your support, we’re going to focusing on building a “Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency” that can adapt to any environment.