Bounty Program Fast Facts

BOScoin: Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform

The Bounty Program was opened to the public on 28 Mar 2017 and ran for about 44 days until 10 May 2017. Below are some fast facts.

9,311 Bounty applications in total:

  • 9,223 General Bounty Applications
  • 88 Community Manager and Translation Applications

The days leading up to the Fundraiser were wild with closing tasks for the Fundraiser. Internal resources monitoring the Bounty were allocated to focus on the Fundraiser event from 07 May 2017. During this time, we received 42% of the total applications, i.e. 3,956 new applications!

Below lists the number of applications per campaign:

  • 3,912 ICO Dashboard Campaign
  • 2,919 Newsletter / Slack Subscription
  • 176 Signature / Avatar Campaign
  • 45 Social Media Campaign: Blog post
  • 1,364 Social Media Campaign: Facebook activity
  • 807 Social Media Campaign: Twitter activity
  • 31 Community Manager Campaign
  • 57 Content Translation Campaign

Much appreciated for everyone’s participation in the campaign and support for the BOS Platform. We are working to update the wealth of applications and will be in contact once this is ready for everyone to view.