Discussion on New ideas of Blockchain Community Governance from the Perspectives of BOSCore Referendum & WPS Proposal

Aug 30 · 10 min read

by Blockchain Reference

This article is a translation from the article published on 9th July 2019 at the following link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aJgLnpMkXFQgnByhnFO5uA

It is no exaggeration to say that the development of blockchains is relentless and wild. Competition for the public chain focused on the technical level last year. However, this year, the public chain began to fight for ecological prosperity. Therefore, 2019 is also known as the ‘DApp year’. It is said that who has the most developers on the public chain, most DApps, or most users that DApps can reach, is the king of the public chain.

The number of daily active users, the number of transactions and the volume of transactions are three important indicators to measure the ecology of DApp. According to the data of DappReview, EOS DApp ecology is at the top of the public chain. RatingDapp and RatingToken big data monitoring also showed the same results. Till July 4, the active users of DApps on EOS/ETH/TRON, the three mainstream public chain platforms, are EOS (112831) > TRON (39687) > ETH (17456) respectively. In terms of transaction volume, EOS DApp is also ahead of ETH DApp and TRON DApp.

Data based on DAppReview

Over the past year, EOS DApp owes its rapid development on ecology to the contribution of BOSCore, the strongest sidechain. BOSCore, as the most user-friendly sidechain in EOSIO ecology, is born for DApp. It not only technically enhances and expands the capacity of EOS, but also makes full use of the power of the community. It has developed to hundreds of nodes in half a year, which has made enormous contributions to the great prosperity of EOS DApp ecology.

A month ago, BOSCore specifically launched the Ecological Fund Program (including referendums & WPS plan) and set up an ecological fund of 100 million BOS to expand the influence of BOSCore with the ecological construction of community, and gradually move to community governance, so as to form a strong and irreplaceable consensus mechanism.

This article will give a briefing on the implementation of BOSCore referendum and WPS plan. Through the detailed interpretation of the first batch excellent proposals of the referendum, it focuses on how BOSCore can attain the commercialization of the EOS DApp ecology by using the ecological fund to accelerate the whole ecological development and evolution. This also provides a feasible scheme with great reference value for blockchain community governance.

The Best Sidechain, Born for the Game DApp

After the EOS main chain was launched in June last year, the capacity and throughput were not satisfactory. A million TPS cannot be achieved by one single blockchain, thus ‘one main chain & multi-sidechains’ model is the most ideal solution for EOS scalability. At that time, some developers in the EOS community technology team developed BOSCore sidechain project with the intention to enhance and expand EOS.

Three months later, the BOSCore team has been founded. In January 2019, it completed decentralized IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication). BOSCore inherited all the advantages of EOS and also made lots of improvements.

In particular, BOSCore team biggest accomplishment is its technological breakthrough in IBC and Batch BFT algorithm).

IBC scheme based on SPV principle is bi-directional, decentralized, lightweight, and secure. With IBC, EOS on main network can be easily transferred to BOS for circulation, which provides great flexibility for DApp development. If the main network CPU is busy, DApp can direct users to BOSCore chain.

One great important thing that the BOSCore team did was the modification of consensus mechanism, which was equivalent to adding a Turbo to EOSIO, so the Pipelined BFT algorithm was changed to Batch BFT algorithm. After upgrading, the number of block producers and time of block production remained the same. There will still be 21 nodes, 6 block production per node, and one block per 0.5s. However, the Last Irreversible Block (LIB) has changed from 3 minutes to 3 seconds. This is the actual value tested across 21 global nodes. Time for confirming the Last Irreversible Block is shortened, so blockchain payment can bring same user experience as WeChat payment or Alipay.

At the same time, after BOSCore has made obvious breakthroughs in cross-chain technology and consensus mechanism, it has launched a plan to build oracle machine in order to bridge between blockchain and Internet. The upgrading of technology will inevitably become the biggest driving force for the development of the industry.

BOSCore inherits all the advantages of EOS as blockchain 3.0, which provides the most powerful infrastructure support for the development of DApp. The digital assets can be traded freely on BOSCore chain.

The BOSCore project initially had only 3 to 7 nodes, and more and more EOS nodes participated in it. When the main network went online, BOSCore has been launched with the witness and participation of more than 50 international nodes in the EOS community. It is the greatest recognition of the team from the EOS community. At present, it has developed to hundreds of nodes, and has become one of the most influential sidechains in the EOS community.

With high TPS, resource guarantee and powerful intelligent contract system, BOSCore provides a stable and efficient infrastructure for the development of DApps to improve the user experience. Therefore, it is a special chain suitable for the ecological construction of game DApps. As the game industry is the place where the users’ digital assets are the stored, especially the online games. Using blockchain to upgrade games is the fastest and easiest way to see the effect, thus, the game DApps must be the fastest growing of all DApp types.

Recently, BOSCore is promoting an excellent game ‘Dragon Master-Ancient War’ launched on BOS. It attracted more than one thousand active users just after its launch. This number is too small for traditional games, but all good products start with a small number of users.

Promoting the development of DApps must first start with games, and BOSCore is ready for everything.

BOSCore Referendum & WPS, Upgrade Community Governance

DApp users are scarce and inactive, which is a problem faced by all public chains at present. Even if the ecological development of EOS in DApp exists as a benchmark, EOS itself faces the same situation. BOSCore carries the mission of changing such situation.

BOS has launched the Ecological Fund Program (including public referendum & WPS) and has invited well-known teams to co-build BOS ecosystem. BOSCore has set up funds through public referendum to pay for teams or individuals who have made great contributions to the community or the ecology, which is the most important manifestations of community drives.

In three weeks since the launch of the referendum system on May 23rd, more than 30 proposals have been released in the community, covering ecological management and promotion, developer tools, applications, technology components, and so on.

According to criteria of the proposal: the number of votes cast was no less than 40% of the BP votes at the time the proposal was initiated; the ratio of ‘Yes’ votes to ‘No’ votes was more than 1.5; and the above requirements must be satisfied for 20 days. At present, four proposals in the referendum system have passed the criteria, becoming the first batch of the formally approved proposals.

Screenshot from BOS WPS website

Let’s take a look at these four proposals to see how they provide advice for “the community management of BOSCore, the maintenance and promotion of the referendum system”.

(I) BOS on-chain proposal and smart contract fund custody

The proposal, which was raised by EOS Nation, is the best fit for BOS ecological fund management, so it is not surprising that it has received the largest number of votes.

The 100 million BOS Ecological Fund, which is distributed to projects seeking funding, requires worker’s proposal system to bring transparency, accountability and stakeholder oversight to the distribution process. BOS on-chain proposal and smart contract fund custody system meets this requirement as required.

It is equivalent to the ‘auditing firm’ of the ecological fund, which supervises the implementation and use of the ecological fund by means of counting vote, escrow smart contract, auditor EOSIO smart contract and so on. This can increase the transparency and credibility of community governance.

(2) BOSCore core community construction and governance & daily operation proposal

This proposal was raised by Node Pacific Tech (Node Asia Pacific), the world’s largest public chain operation out-sourcing platform and node operator. The aim of the proposal is to build a community consensus through the power of the community from perspectives of media publicity and the activity implementation to achieve the purpose of jointly building the BOSCore community.

Through community governance such as topic discussion, theme sharing, node interviews, meetings and occasional community Bounty (such as UGC, activity execution, interactive sharing, DApp recommendation, etc.), it aims to expand the popularity of the community.

At the same time, a committee was set up to attract global blockchain technology and invite governance fans to participate in BOSCore to build a rich and diverse governance community for BOSCore.

(3) BOSCore referendum system/ WPS global promotion proposal

The proposal was also initiated by Node Pacific Tech (Node Asia Pacific). Different from the international core community construction and governance & daily operation proposal, this proposal focuses on community governance to make it fairer and more transparent.

Referendum system is the core of BOSCore community governance, and the participation of referendum also represents the activity of the community and the attention to the project. If more people can understand the referendum system, it will help BOSCore grow rapidly. Therefore, the popularization and promotion of the referendum system is very important.

The proposal aims to help community users fully understand the content, participation and value of the referendum system, as well as the recruitment and election of very important reviewers to encourage more users to participate in the publication, voting, implementation and monitoring and follow-up of the content of the proposal. At the same time, great efforts should be made in the recruitment and election of reviewers to attract more far-sighted people to participate in the management of the community. The proposal coincides with the needs of the current development of BOSCore.

(4) BOS community operation and governance proposal

The proposal was submitted by Mansa Capital, an integrated marketing expert in blockchain projects. The team has rich experience in community management, public relations and brand marketing of blockchain projects, and has participated in blockchain projects such as JKR, IOEX, BHIC, MINEBIT, and so on.

The proposal points out that good community management needs: in-depth analysis of project and product brands, a variety of collaborative channels, short and long-term brand management and development of projects, strong implementation in brand, public relations and community operation, and clear planning of community modularization. It can be said that these are the pain points of many projects at present. The proposal focuses on brand packaging, planning and marketing of the BOS project.

Therefore, the proposal focuses on the growth and management of BOSCore potential end users. Marketing model will be used to develop planned PR and activities to improve the popularity and user activity of BOSCore.

As EOS technical sidechain, BOSCore’s IBC cross-chain technology and 3s LIB not only have been widely recognized, but also repeatedly praised by BM. However, in the community operation, the team is still slightly inadequate.

Through the contents of the above four proposals, we find that these are the most basic and urgent work in the current BOSCore ecology: attracting more community users, building governance community for them, developing voting platforms, and bringing more proposals and improvement suggestions to the community.

It can be said that the four proposals have their own characteristics. The first proposal is more focused on community management, while the last three proposals are directly involved in community governance by grasping the weak points of BOSCore development and formulating practical plans according to local conditions.

Through the work of the proposal, users will be able to accept professional knowledge more comprehensively, have better channels to express their views, and more convenient platform for the assertion of their rights. Each way is closely related to the rights and interests of user themselves.

As a public chain of light governance, BOSCore originates from the community and is aiming to have better development under the maintenance of the community. All these require the real attention and contribution of community users to public chain technology and governance mechanism.

Community is the core of community-based public chain. Only by ensuring the realization of users’ rights and interests, cultivating users and spreading knowledge, and making people who really pay attention to the ecological development of BOSCore project continue to join, then the whole ecology can prosper and form a user community with strong cohesion and high participation. Such a community will have a steady stream of vitality and innovation to become the dream place for DApp and developers.

The community referendum proposal will be the most powerful complement to the development of the BOSCore community, with more professional talents and strategies to help BOSCore become the strongest sidechain.

From these four representative proposals, we can see that governance is the catalyst of ecological growth, governance is the condensed force of community development, and community governance plays different roles in each stage of the public chain. Organizing community members to participate in the discussion of ecological construction can gather community consensus, expand brand influence and contribute to ecological prosperity.

It is believed that with group strategy, BOSCore will develop beyond EOS ecosystem in the future, and will link to BTC, ETH and more public chains, however, their original vision, ‘Born for DApp’, will remain the same.


BOSCore has the fastest finality and is the first IBC equipped DPoS blockchain. Aiming to refactor business scenarios with decentralized technology.


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Born for DApp, born for usability!



BOSCore has the fastest finality and is the first IBC equipped DPoS blockchain. Aiming to refactor business scenarios with decentralized technology.

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