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The BLU Weekly: October 25, 2021

This week I want to start by letting any BLU community members know that if they desire to contribute to the weekly to please reach out to ColonelRedBear in our discord. This has been an exciting week. The team has continued to release new information and features that add value to the gauntlets.

Nifty Gateway Drop

Image from BossLogic inc

BossLogic told his BLU community to save the date 10/25/21. This will be the date of publication of this weekly and at 6:00pm EST NiftyGateway will be holding a special BossLogic drop. Boss teased “‘I’m back on NiftyGateway bringing you something new, something special and something for my NG day ones. ” The drop has been highly anticipated and discussed in the community. All I know is I have an account now and will be waiting for the release of The Boy That Lost His Mind . We received news that gauntlets and blox will be listed on NG as well extending our marketplaces.

Image from BossLogic

Gaming Studio AMA

The BLU will have an AMA with the gaming studio on Wednesday 10/27 at 7pm EST.

This has been planned so getting a date means we will also be getting some concept and teaser content. The chance to learn about the studio and the team and what will be built for our two games is something every community member has wanted. The CEO along with directors of the studio will be in the chat. Make sure and tune in with your questions ready.

Image from BLU Discord

First Legendary Raffle

Akshaykant’s legendary BossLogic gauntlet

The team announced raffles for legendary 1/1 gauntlets and four days after the announcement the team implemented the quickest raffle they knew they could execute. A google form with 24 hour entry window for holders. After the period ended there was a live twitch stream of the selection and community member Akshaykant was selected winner. Make sure to congratulate them because they received a Freddy Krueger style BossLogic legendary gauntlet. One of the best benefits of owning a gauntlet is either by chance or competition you can take any gauntlet and turn it into a legendary. The team has said there will be different types of upcoming challenges and competitions along with monthly raffle giveaways to win a legendary.

O.G. Gauntlet Property and Privileges

Originally the first 269 discord members received the status “OG” and were whitelisted for a pre-mint. This came with a special property attached to the pre-minted gauntlets as well as a private discord channel. Some of these gauntlets have since been exchanged on the secondary. The team has now released a bot to verify holders of the “OG” gauntlets and give them their special role and discord channel for holders. This is step ensure that the privileges attached to the O.G. gauntlets are transferred with the nft. The O.G. property has now been given to the original 84 legendary gauntlets that were minted into the collection. This will separate them from the new legendary gauntlets that are introduced by burning a common when winning a raffle or competition.

In addition to these classification changes and discord privileges, a major utility has been confirmed. The gauntlet holders with the O.G property will be the ones to lead the BLU into a DAO.

An informal version has already been taking place and they have been voting on some internal decisions the team is considering. Eventually all gauntlet holders will be part of the DAO but things take time to build so having that early access is a huge value added to the O.G. gauntlets.

Image from OpenSea

Wonder Twins

Image from Opensea

During the original upload an unexpected error caused the mint to produce 34 pairs of twins. These 68 gauntlets were given the property “Twins” and became a special part of the collection with the team hinting at future utility. This week we learned of the mechanic the team has chosen for them. If a holder has both of a twin pair they can chose to burn one for a legendary gauntlet. This means that there are 34 possible legends that can be created this way and the twin property can be reduced by half. Holders of a pair of “Twins” have been ecstatic at this news!

MMA Team Sponsorship

Image from The Goat Shed Facebook

The project put the sponsorship of the MMA team “The Goat Shed Academy” under the consideration of the new informal DAO. The team and training facility are world-renowned with some of the highest-level athletes. Their pro MMA team has a record of 50 wins and 2 losses with countless success beyond the cage. The exposure that would be brought to the BLU from the Goat Shed would be well worth the sponsorship. The sponsorship will allow the fighters to focus on their training, nutrition and recovery. It ultimately supports them in order to keep chasing their dreams with many benefits for The BLU. The BLU will receive Logo placement on fighting arena and clothing, and regular appearances on social media. The Goat shed is currently having a Netflix docuseries being filmed about them called the “Law of the Goat” which means on top of their normal events and media and socials the BLU will be receiving a lot of extra attention and publicity. Take this all and add in cool things like Quarterly AMA’s with the MMA team and boxing glove replicas of select gauntlets you have a unique opportunity for the BLU. It all gets a little more personal when you find out one of the main fighters is already an O.G. gauntlet holder. This is a big win for the BLU and I cannot wait to see this relationship grow.

Image from The Goat Shed Facebook

Security Announcement

This is a huge concern to everyone and has already affected the BLU community. The crypto space is now a high value target for scammers and hackers. It is something everyone should be mindful of. Human behaviors is the weakest link security. Anything security related from the traditional web applies to the crypto space. All the same vectors of attack are used and it is still often a user being exploited. This is not to blame the victims because this has happened to people who are both new and veterans of the crypto space. These methods are used to manipulate common flaws in human behavior. Social engineering is hacking people.

image from

The exploit is emotional state and impulsive actions. The goal is to get the victim in a hot emotional state either through excitement and FOMO or some distress. Once in that emotional state it is human nature to act more impulsively. Then the situation is created to use that impulsive action to make a mistake and do something you normally wouldn’t. People have fallen victim to fake customer support. People so excited about a new project that they follow a link posted maliciously in a discord. Two of our community members personally got attacked with a giveaway phishing DM in discord that led to sharing their private keys by entering into a fake Metamask. The number one comment from all victims is just to slow down. We move quickly in the space and FOMO is something we all deal with. So many of us have bad sleep habits and are spending all our free time in NFTs. We need to try and be mindful of our emotional state and the impactions of our actions. My number one take away. If you think you need to use your seed phrase to access your wallet, please sleep on it then question how you lost access in the first place. As always never share your seed phrase, but also don’t share your screen or give access to your computer. Stay safe, stay mindful.

Immortals Collaboration

Image from BLU discord

Something unique is going on with the Kingsletter and Bosslogic collaboration. The Blu community has been linked to Kingsletter’s Instagram but no other website or socials have been share for the Immortals project. If you

follow the BLU and BossLogic’s socials closely you would have notice that before it had been shared publicly the story preview for the project was shared in the BLU discord. The next day it was shared on both BossLogic’s and Kingsletter’s socials. The kind of alpha that the BLU is getting is basically front running the whole project. The project is all tease at this point and truly it feels like only the BLU really knows what it is about. We recently went from images to a story behind them. The BLU has had first access to all things Immortal and it makes you ask will other project collaborations happen this way?

BLU Babble by Belshe

There may not be a name yet for the segments that community member BelsheBits has led but they have become a staple of the community. What had been more spontaneous looks to becoming a more regular occurring event. This is the best place to voice questions and get feedback. There is at least one team member usually and seems like always a little new alpha. Check out the latest one from Sunday 10/24 below here.

BLU Community Member Spotlight

The BLU has attracted a high level of individual. So many friendly, passionate and talented people that are now a community. I have seen some amazing things in the BLU already in this short time. The community always having each other’s backs by showing support when the worst happens like a scam or the best like making sure that everyone has chances at winning in the “Wallstreet of BLU.” We have competed against each other while inspiring as well. I wanted to pick the first highlight to be someone in my mind represents the fundamentals of the BLU. Xenophan is a name I would expect to be recognized by all active community members. He has been here with us since day one and much like the BLU he is on a growth path sharing his passion and creativity with the world.

Xenophan or Jose is “loving his 30’s”, an LA native he works as a project manager in the IT department at one of the best US hospitals. After flirting with the crypto space for a few years he finally got more serious and has progressively been building upon that. It led him to working on his working on his own project to help provide education and resources to those entering the space. It was this eye on the crypto markets that connected Xenophan to the BLU. Just like myself and others he saw the Gauntlets when featured on opensea. Having been in crypto he knew to “do your own research” so he consulted friends and looked deeply into the project before aping in! He soon found himself taking friends advice and making youtube videos. He took that same drive to educate and help people that he had been using to build out his project and combined it with his passion of the BLU.

It is crazy to think as the groundwork was being set up for mint that Xenophan was getting his first bit of equipment and learning about the process. Not long after mint sold out, he was making his first video ever really pushing outside of his comfort zone. His videos have followed and highlighted the BLU project up to this point. This journey of Jose’s first steps into being a content creator speaks to me much the same way that the BLU and Boss’s vision does. As Boss’s has said himself the hardest thing is putting yourself out there and just consistently doing the art and showing it to the world. I think any of us who share our creations publicly know that this is a challenge, and it can be something that we always have to overcome. Xenophan himself struggled with this despite making IMO very technical sound video for his first ones. He said; “Its hard to put yourself out there and put your hard work for the world to see. I put a lot of time into editing my videos because I’m the kind of person that only wants to produce work that I can be proud of, and for a little bit I was kind of embarassed at my first videos. BUT I know thats normal, I know that I’m being hard on myself, and my IRL friends, and ESPECIALLY this community have been SO supportive that I’ve gathered the courage to keep moving forward” He has already invested in new equipment, and it reminds by example that when you want something you put your all into it. I see great things ahead for the BLU for the same reason BossLogic wants this more than any of us know. He will face the challenges and work to make it great.

I know that Xenophan is working like the BLU to make moves to impact his life positively. He plans on growing and expanding his project and team to help onboard and provide ease of use to the crypto and nft space. I hope to see on Crypto decode a weekly recap one day of all news NFT with the main highlight being big news from the BLU!

That’s a Snap for this Week

Still so much ahead it’s hard not to be impatient. When you step back and look a the large moving pieces we will continue to have big news and only good things for gauntlet holders. I hope this keeps the BLU informed on the most exciting and up to date information. As always reach out to ColonelRedBear(RedBearKira) if you would like to participate or have any suggestions for the weekly. Thanks again for reading BLU Fam. Look forward to next week’s recap!



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