Boston Marathon 4/15

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Peak Moments

Reflecting back on the 2013 Boston Marathon

A senior leader at my company hosted a talk with a number of graduates in the European and Asian offices a…

That Monday

Sometimes tragedy affects you in the most unexpected ways.

The day the two bombs went off, I was two blocks away from the finish line. My friend had…

David Simon and the NSA Ledger

So since the NSA leaks a pretty decent debate has taken place on the surveillance state. Unfortunately, although unsurprisingly, this debate has not taken…

The misplaced outrage over Rolling Stone’s Tsarnaev cover

The enraged tweets and Facebook status updates began almost immediately—I first saw them late Tuesday night.

Reactions to the Rolling Stone Cover Controversy

We can be angry about the photo, but it underscores an important context.

Like a Rolling Stone

Can the Dzhokar Tsarnaev Cover Help Fix Our Broken News Media? 

On Wednesday of this week, Boston Mayor Tom Menino sent Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner an angry letter accusing the magazine of sensationalism and decrying the “celebrity treatment” of putting Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev on the magazine’s cover. He also called…

Humanizing the Enemy

Why Rolling Stone’s Risk was a Good Move

“the most subversive way to present a monster is by humanizing him” writes Rod Bastanmehr in a recent…

The Rolling Stone Cover

Why This Music Mag Should Stick to What it Knows

In 2008 I applied for an internship program abroad through my college Boston University…

You Have To Get Over This

 Your outrage over a magazine cover won’t change anything

The Rolling Stone has a picture of the Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on…

Rolling Stone was too hard on Tsarnaev

The magazine didn’t glorify him, they stripped him of his rights.

#BostonBombing: a New Kind of Journalism

This entry was originally posted in French on

April 20th, at the New York Times headquarters. After a week of breaking news, the Social Media Summit, organized by the NYT and the BBC Journalism School, took a day to think about the link between journalism and social networks.

The Bombs Before Boston

Explosive technology and historical reality

In 2012, Lieutenant General Michael Barbero warned in Congressional testimony that improvised…

The Time I Accidentally Hugged a Bombing Victim’s Relative at an Airport

I was flying the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. The story below is a slightly revised…

The Language of Tragedy

How do we choose names for tragedies like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombings? 

Notes on Race in the Wake of the Boston Marathon

First off, I’m an American. News of the bombing in Boston this past April made my heart alternately race and sink. People were hurt and…

Boston, You’re My Home

I grew up in the town next to the start of the Boston Marathon. Every year my family got up at an ungodly hour and dressed in layers because even though Patriot’s Day…

I Choose Superman

My family has a disproportionate love of Superman and I never quite understood why until recently.

A Marathon, A Bomb, and A Long Race

By the 22nd mile of the Kampala Marathon last fall I realized I had reached the final limits of my body. Each further step was a bitter negotiation with…

15 april 2013, boston.

life is a matter of split seconds and there-but-for-the-grace moments. random destruction pulls away the veil of civilisation and leaves the raw questions. is nothing…

On Outcasts & Killers

In middle school there was a boy everyone made fun of. I’ll call him “George.”

George had glasses, the kind so thick that his eyes appeared magnified…

Boston Marathon 4/15
Boston Marathon 4/15

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