A Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Boston Reel, your hub for Boston’s independent film culture, both what’s playing (screenings, rep series, festivals) and what’s happening (filming, casting, awesome shit that defies categorization).

From 2011 to 2015, I had the pleasure of covering the local film world with Boston’s only alternative weekly DigBoston, first as a columnist and later as Associate Film Editor. This would be a dream job anywhere in the world but it was particularly rewarding for Boston, with our unusually high concentration of independent and repertory theaters, and a committed group of artists who remain motivated, productive, and optimistic in a city not typically known for its hospitality to creative types.

For cinephiles in Boston, it’s easy to forget that not every city has a film scene as vibrant and diverse as ours. It’s no small miracle that if a friend told you about a Kubrick retrospective, a Mad Max marathon, a Purple Rain singalong, or a festival celebrating the latest in Iranian film, you wouldn’t automatically know which theater was hosting it. Thanks to our dedication to film over digital, when the 70mm roadshow presentation of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight came to town, none of our cinemas needed to retrofit or train new projectionists to accommodate the print, and the complaints of technical glitches from around the country were nowhere to be found in Boston.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons this is so easy to forget is that there is an unfortunate absence of comprehensive coverage for the scene as a whole. We’ve got excellent music bloggers, food bloggers, local politics resources like our friends at BINJ, but no central location for Boston film. What regional coverage we do get tends to focus on Hollywood barging (*ahem* ‘BAHH-djin’) in and getting the red-carpet welcome, at the expense of the much more interesting stories of our oft-neglected local talent.

That’s the disconnect that often exists in Boston media, and the result is a massive void between the stories that get told and the stories that need to be told. And that’s where Boston Reel fits in; everybody who wants to figure out what to see this week shouldn’t have to subscribe to three newspapers and follow ten social media accounts to make an informed decision. Everybody who wants to get involved in filmmaking shouldn’t have to wait until the newest Marky Mark movie needs extras. And it shouldn’t be so hard for local audiences to be able to find the work of the artist a block away.

Stay tuned for info on our ever-evolving operation for weekly editor’s picks, essays from film critics and filmmakers alike, ways you can get involved, and so much more.

Kristofer Jenson
Founder & Editor, Boston Reel
Email: editor@bostonreel.com | Twitter: @EtTuBurrite