New England Films at IFFBoston 2016

The following is a list of films playing at this year’s IFFBoston that were produced in or are otherwise connected to the New England area. Follow the individual links below for information regarding venue and to buy your ticket.

Five Nights in Maine


Thu 4.28 | Five Nights in Maine, 7:15pm

Sat 4.30 | Donald Cried, 4:30pm | Free In Deed, 7:45pm

Asperger’s Are Us


Thu 4.28 | The Peacemaker, 7pm

Fri 4.29 | Who Is Lydia Loveless?, 7pm | Newtown, 7:15pm | Asperger’s Are Us, 9:45pm

Sat 4.30 | Best And Most Beautiful Things, 2pm| BlueSpace, 2:30pm

Sun 5.1 | Primaria, 1pm | The Guys Next Door, 2:15pm | Paper Lanterns, 4:45pm | Beyond The Wall, 7:30pm

Mon 5.2 | Nasser’s Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt, 7:30pm



E = Echo: Narrative (Thu 4.28 7pm & Mon 5.2 7:15pm)
Jahar | Black Canaries
-Additional screening of Jahar at Brattle Theatre Sat 4.30 12:30pm

G = Golf: Narrative (Thu 4.28 9:30pm & Sun 5.1 5:45pm)
Aster and Sidney | Tilly | Bloody Henry

B = Bravo: Documentary (Fri 4.29 7:15pm & Sun 5.1 5:30pm)
The Last Time I Heard True Silence

F = Foxtrot: Narrative (Fri 4.29 9:45pm & Mon 5.2 9:15pm)
The Ghost Bike

D = Delta: Narrative (Sat 4.30 6:45pm & Sun 5.1 2:45pm)
Ori and Addison | Bonding | My Dark Side and My Light Side Meet In A Bar to Discuss The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

A = Alpha: Documentary (Sat 4.30 12:30pm & Sun 5.1 12:15pm)
Class of ’27 | A Living Wage