REP ROUNDUP | 5.1.2017–5.7.2017

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For full listings of Independent Film Festival Boston — taking place from Wed 4.26 thru Wed 5.3 at Somerville Theatre, Brattle Theatre, and Coolidge Corner Theatre — click here.

For full listings of the National Center for Jewish Film’s 20th Annual Film Festival, click here.

40 Brattle St., Havard Square, Cambridge

Independent Film Festival Boston
Thu 4.27 thru Mon 5.1 | Click here for full listings at Brattle Theatre

Special Screening
Tue 5.2 8:30pm | Heat (DCP)
-Michael Mann Q&A via Skype
Thu 5.4 double feature | Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 7pm (35mm) | Spaceballs, 9:30pm (DCP)

Special Engagements
Fri 5.5 thru Sun 5.7 | Buster’s Mal Heart

Harold & Lillian & Companion Films
Sat 5.6 3pm | The Birds (DCP)
Sun 5.7 5:30pm | The History of the World: Pt. I (DCP)
Fri 5.5 thru Thu 5.11 | Harold & Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (DCP)

290 Harvard St., Coolidge Corner, Brookline

Independent Film Festival Boston
Thu 4.27 thru Mon 5.1 | Click here for full listings

The Sound of Silents
Mon 5.1 7pm | The Freshman
-World premiere of Berklee Silent Film Orchestra (BSFO) for the world premiere of the BSFO’s new, original score

Thu 5.4 10am | Late Spring (Bashun)

NT Live
Thu 5.4 7pm | Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

Coolidge After Midnite
Fri 5.5 midnight | Body Double (DCP)
Sat 5.6 midnight | Dressed to Kill (35mm)
Fri 5.5 & Sat 5.6 midnight | A Dark Song

Goethe-Institut German Film
Sun 5.7 11am | The Bloom of Yesterday (Die Blumen von gestern)

New Releases (follow links for showtimes)
Norman | Colossal | Their Finest | The Lost City of Z | Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary

465 Huntington Ave., Boston

On the Fringe: American Cult Films of the 1980s
Fri 5.5 8pm | Repo Man (35mm)

Frederick Wiseman: For The Record
Sat 5.6 4pm | Titicut Follies (35mm)

Special Engagement
Sat 5.6 thru Sat 5.20 | My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea
Sun 5.7 thru Fri 5.19 | Glory (Bulgaria)

The National Center for Jewish Film’s 20th Annual Film Festival
Thu 5.4 thru Sun 5.21 | Click here for full listings

55 Davis Square, Somerville

Independent Film Festival Boston
Wed 4.26 thru Mon 5.1 | Click here for full listings

New Releases (follow links for showtimes)
Colossal | Get Out | Logan | Going In Style | Personal Shopper

24 Quincy St., Harvard Square, Cambridge

Cinema of Resistance
Mon 5.1 7pm | Profit motive and the whispering wind (digital video)
-John Gianvito in person

Želimir Žilnik and the Black Wave
Fri 5.5 7pm | Zelimir Zilnik Short Films (35mm and digital video)

Hachimiri Madness! Japanese Independents from the Punk Years
Fri 5.5 9pm | Tokyo Cabbageman K (DCP) | Isolation of 1/880000 (DCP)
Sat 5.6 9pm | Hanasareru Gang (DCP)

Bleu Shut: Films by Robert Nelson (16mm)
Sat 5.6 7pm | Oh Dem Watermelons | Bleu Shut | The Great Blondino

João Pedro Rodrigues
Sun 5.7 7pm | The Ornithologist (DCP)
-João Pedro Rodrigues in person

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