Meet Stand Up Comedian Dana Jay Bein

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From BSU guest host Dan Rowinski:

Dana Jay Bein is a Cambridge-based stand up comedian and teacher. He has taught stand up comedy at ImprovBoston for fourteen years, helping to introduce a new generation of comedians to the Boston area. Dana is known for his relentless optimism, fierce protection of people against bullies and bigots, and free hugs. He has been officially recognized by the City of Cambridge for his work in the community and was recently the Comic-in-Residence at the new Comedy Studio at Bow Market in Somerville.

We are grateful to have Dana participate in a one-word answer Q&A below. Dana recently sat down with BSU guest host Dan Rowinski for a podcast recording — enjoy on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or here on SoundCloud. Enjoy.

One-word answers only:

Where did you grow up? Internally

How would you sum up your childhood? Anxious

Where in Boston is now home? Inman

What word would your loved ones use to describe you? Unique

How would you describe your comedy teaching style? Enthusiastic

How would you describe the Boston comedy community? Hilarious

How would you describe your personal approach to stand up? Energetic

If you lived anywhere else in the world, where else could you see yourself calling home? Manhattan

Fill in the blank. The future of Boston will be… Gentrified

What is your favorite thing about Boston? Honesty

What would you change about the world? I.E., What problem facing the world would you most like to see solved? Hate

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