Stats Update 16–03

Since last week’s update, the Pilgrims have lost 1–0 to Altrincham (see report). Next Saturday United face Worcester City (see preview).

Top 5 mins played:

1 Jay Rollins- 2601

2 Marcus Marshall- 2161

3 Gregg Smith- 2046

4 Lewis Hilliard- 2038

5 Kalern Thomas- 1921

Top 5 goalscorers:

1 Jay Rollins- 10

2 Gregg Smith- 9

3 Lewis Hilliard- 6

4 Joe Maguire/Liam Agnew- 3

Most yellow cards:

Joe Maguire/Josh Robinson- 8

Most red cards:

Joe Maguire/Gregg Smith/Josh Robinson- 1

Stat of the week: Ross Durrant has the best goals conceded per game ratio of the four ‘keepers United have used this season. The ex-Ilkeston man has let in an average of 1.3 goals per game, compared to Dibble- 2.2, Henry- 2.5 and Emery- 2.3 .

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