With BOT Lottery users can purchase lottery tickets for a chance to win BOT coins. The BOT Lottery is entirely fair and gives everyone an equal opportunity to win. Our development team is working to make the lottery a fun experience for all.

Lottery is an additional service that allows users to get a chance to win big and provides the system with an additional deflationary mechanism. The user purchases a digital lottery ticket in the system, after which the smart contract generates a random four-digit code, in which each digit has a value from 1 to 14. After generation, the code is sent to users for matching. If the order of the numbers in the ticket and in the code coincide, the user is considered the winner, and users who match the first 2,3 or 4 numbers will also receive a guaranteed reward.

Match probability:

  • 4 numbers — 0,1%
  • 3 numbers — 0,5%
  • 2 numbers — 1%



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