Bot Planet and ZapVerse Partner up

ZapVerse has become a new strategic partner of the Bot Planet ecosystem. Together we will focus on NFT, GameFi, and DeFi development, cross-marketing strategies, and the attraction of more community members and investors. We are pleased to have ZapVerse onboard with us.

The ZapVerse is a powerful ecosystem built and powered by proven solutions and infrastructure, providing a satisfying core experience to our users.

Users will have a wide array of in-house and partnered games, played by thousands of people globally. Those low-skill-floor high-skill ceiling games will provide value corresponsive to the player’s skill level.

With a truly free-to-play economy, the monetization aspect will come directly from the players interacting actively with each other, playing games, earning prizes and exchanging assets.



Enter the Zapverse and join the P2E Meta revolution. Play for free, Play to Earn, Win to Earn More and keep the value of your Digital Assets outside of the Zap ecosystem thanks to the power of decentralized finance.


Each of the digital assets you get on the Zapverse, be it a limited-edition Z-Hero or an exclusive item, is yours. The creation keys of the assets will be kept in your wallet, giving you full ownership of all the products.


With the interoperability and connectivity of the ZapVerse, creators will be able to interact with each other, trade and collect assets and host tournaments for everyone in th


Z-Arena is multiplayer competitive technology that facilitates in-game competition either in large pooled tournaments with thousands of players or head-to-head games.


PlayZap NFTs will offer premium advantages and the ability to improve the Players earning power. The Marketplace opens up the massive opportunity to own in-game items and trade them with other players.


The ZPay wallet is an all-in-one solution built on the Polygon network. All the features of existing wallets are present alongside new innovative solutions built in an easy-to-useinterface.


Our partners will be able to leverage the Play Zap framework and infrastructure to host their games, and as they gain recognition from our community, they will get multiple benefits, including total revenue shares and % of the total tournament profits.

We will develop together with PlayZap and move in the world of cryptocurrency by supporting each other! Join our partners and enjoy the wonderful gameplay!

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BOT PLANET is a multi-chain ecosystem built under the UX of an NFT-based Play-To-Earn game. Unique wallet with a built-in NFT Marketplace, DEX, seasonal NFT and Token AirDrops & game-based Multifunctional messenger.

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$BOT is a cryptocurrency whose goal is to combine the most popular and effective services for earning money in one ecosystem - BOT Planet✅