Bot Planet and ZapVerse Partner up


In 2023, projects related to AI are gaining popularity. More and more projects are starting to take an interest in this industry and consider integration or standalone products. Bot Planet does not stand still, we decided to act quickly and start cooperation with a project that is aimed at AI and is moving in this direction.


We made friends with new partners — MetaDeSci. What are these partners and what is their mission. How is this partnership useful for us? You will find all the answers in this post!


The essence of this project is to support scientists from all over the world. Here is how MetaDeSci describes their mission: “MetaDeSci mission is to create an ecosystem where scientists are incentivized to openly share their research and receive credit for their work while allowing anyone to access and contribute to the research easily.”

This project is also ready to provide you with the best conditions, such as the protection of your data and the quality selection of the community that joins the project!


With these partners, we will conquer the heights of education and science, and we will also be able to show people that cryptocurrencies are not just a dummy.

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