BOT TOKEN – is a great way to earn money safely.

The business models of each of the system’s products are created in order to bring profit to both the project and the users.


NFT is a tagged token with a unique digital signature representing a digitized real object – artwork, music, video text. The digital signature of BOT NFT will not allow duplication, which guarantees the owners of these tokens exclusive ownership.

In the BOTPlanet project ecosystem, you can both create NFTs using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and sell on the BOT Marketplace. It can be both NFTs previously created

by us and, for example, pumped up in the game, as well as works of independent artists registered in the system. The commission for selling NFT in the marketplace is 1%. The marketplace operates on the principle of an auction, where you can place bids on the purchase of a particular character.


An ad unit is integrated into the messenger, completing tasks for viewing ads in the messenger, the user receives a BOT reward.


In case of battles between users, the winner takes the donation in Planet tokens, the loser, accordingly, does not receive anything.


Add liquidity to the exchange to farm BOT. Locking them up in a Smart Contract rewards you with BOT.


Get rewarded with a percentage of transaction fees and our governance tokens by staking assets in our liquidity pool.


With BOT Lottery users can purchase lottery tickets for a chance to win BOT coins. The BOT Lottery is entirely fair and gives everyone an equal opportunity to win. Our development team is working to make the lottery a fun experience for all.



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$BOT is a cryptocurrency whose goal is to combine the most popular and effective services for earning money in one ecosystem - BOT Planet✅