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NEXUS SHIFT — virtual card collection Play-and-Earn game. The closest existing example on the in-game mechanics would be Hearthstone by Blizzard.

The user gets the access to the game, gets his NFT character, and then uses his Planet token in order to battle with other users. The winning user receives a fee minus the service commission. In the future, he can spend the token to improve the character. Purchasing NFTs or cards from the marketplace or in-game store.

Play-and-Earn game, in our opinion, is the most convenient tool for involving early users into the ecosystem, which allows you to evaluate the advantages of tokens, their capabilities, and the degree of product integration. For example, the daily audience of the most popular Play-to-Earn game Axie Infinity is 1 million people a day!

The chosen genre is not accidental, since Blizzard’s experience with Hearthstone demonstrates its high popularity — 23.5 million active players who spent 669.2 million hours, with a relatively low development time.

Game mechanics:

● The gameplay is possible after the purchase and selection of a specific character by the player (NFT);

● The player who bought NFT automatically receives an account in the game and on the marketplace;

● Interaction in a duel occurs between cards, which can hit the opponent’s cards or the opponent’s NFT.

Cards have three types of characteristics:

● Health(armor);

● Damage;

● Mana.

The process of interaction occurs sequentially. The player makes a move, after which the opponent or bot makes a move.

There are five races to which the NFT relate:

● Venus;

● Mars;

● Mercury;

● Jupiter;

● Saturn.

There are 48 regular cards (48 cards in each race):

● NFT has 10 levels of experience (leveling up), the new level is given for every 20th battle won.

From 48 cards 30 are available from the first level, then 2 cards are added to you for each level.

Depending on the status (rarity) and the level of the NFT, the cards receive a bonus to damage, status options with bonuses for the level:

● Legendary from 25% (+3% for level) (+4% on level 10) up to 60%;

● Epic from 10% (+2% for level) up to 40%;

● Mythical from 15% (+2% for level) up to 35%;

● Ultra rare from 10%( +2% for level) up to 30%;

● Rare from 5% (+2% for level) up to 25%;

● Regular from. 0% (+1% for level) up to 10%.

When calculating the effectiveness of an attack, the principle of racial domination is provided according to which cards of certain races receive more damage if the opponent is a representative of the dominant race:

● dominates 2 and 4;

● dominates 3 and 5;

● dominates 4 and 1;

● dominates 5 and 2;

● dominates 1 and 3.

That domination makes the card weaker by:

● level-1 ~ 5%;

● level-2 ~ 6%;

● level-3 ~ 7%;

● level-4 ~ 8%;

● level-5 ~ 9%;

● level-6 ~ 11%;

● level-7 ~ 12%;

● level-8 ~ 13%;

● level-9 ~ 14%;

● level-10 ~ 15%.

The game has 2 types of Bots:

● Bots (NFT);

● Monsters.

Differences are only visual:

● NFT in the game has two unchanged parameters:

● Health Point — static;

● Damage — static;

● Mana — goes up with each move.

Cards have the following parameters:

● Health Point — can grow in some cases;

● Damage — can grow in some cases;

● Mana usage (static);

● Luck (Chance of a critical strike).

These are the following classes of the cards:

● Tanks: hp — 80% damage — 20%;

● Ninja: damage — 80% hp — 20;

● Fader ball: hp — 0% high damage, attacks multiple cards at once,for one time use and is destroyed afterwards;

● Card that tanks all the damage and disappears;

● Attacking Commander: 50/50 +20% attacks all the cards on the table (only as long as he not on the table);

● Protection Commander +20% hp to all the cards on the table (as long as he is on the table);

● Heal for NFT +30%;

● Random shot — all the cards pay attention to this one and each turn it attacks the NFT of the opponent, damage 2% defense 98%.

The cards are given conventional names that reflect the essence of their actions, names might be changed in the future.

Types of damage:

● Standard;

● Critical +50% to standard.

Operation with the deck:

● During the game cards are given to the user from the deck.

The user can select 3 purchased cards before the game, which are guaranteed to be used in the game. Cards are given at random!

Mana Cost:

● Mana consumption is carried out when the card is placed on the table (for each type of card, a different mana consumption is provided);

● Mana is expended when attacking with a card, which causes a dilemma between attacking and exposing new cards;

● Tactical restrictions. During the turn, the user can place cards on the table as long as the amount of mana allows and attack once with previously exposed cards (these cards are graphically / animatedly highlighted). Cards exposed this turn are attacked next.


Here NFTs will be added in the process of appearing.

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BOT PLANET is a multi-chain ecosystem built under the UX of an NFT-based Play-To-Earn game. Unique wallet with a built-in NFT Marketplace, DEX, seasonal NFT and Token AirDrops & game-based Multifunctional messenger.

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