Get Income with Farming from BotPlanet.

One of the ways to generate passive income through the Bot Planet ecosystem is pharming. Farming is a way to earn rewards in the form of $BOT tokens, which requires adding liquidity to the liquidity pool on BotSwap.

Farming is not only a way to generate passive income, but also gives BotSwap the liquidity it needs to make transactions. Users can place their cryptocurrency in farming for any period of time, while they will also receive income from the transactions made in their liquidity pool.

A user’s profit percentage is calculated on his share in the liquidity pool – the more funds placed, the higher the profitability. Accordingly, the more popular a given liquidity pool is, the more transactions are made in it, and the more stable is the user’s income.

As a rule, the most profitable yield percentages are received by the earliest participants, so hurry up!




BOT PLANET is a multi-chain ecosystem built under the UX of an NFT-based Play-To-Earn game. Unique wallet with a built-in NFT Marketplace, DEX, seasonal NFT and Token AirDrops & game-based Multifunctional messenger.

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$BOT is a cryptocurrency whose goal is to combine the most popular and effective services for earning money in one ecosystem - BOT Planet✅

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