Meet our partners from Sambrela!

These guys are developing mobile games and they are very good at it!

Why? Let’s find out!


- Hyper casual games

Hyper casual game is a mobile video game that is easy to play. They have a very minimalistic user interface. Hyper-casual games are easy to learn and play, plus they are addictive and require very little time and attention.

- Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer is a type of game that can be played by two or more people at the same time. Social communication allows players to interact with each other both in partnership and in rivalry. One of our examples of a multiplayer game is Arena. The gameplay of the Arena is a complex solution for server work. In the Arena, you can choose your warrior and play in different arenas with random players around the world.

- Card games

Sambrela creates card games primarily in partnership with Skillz. Card games are a separate type of games that are more than popular with a certain audience. Sambrela develops several card games with new rules and interesting solutions.


Sambrela is responsible for the development of the product, starting from idea generation, planning, developing a script, filming across CIS countries, using professional equipment and drones, and subsequent post-production

Production process includes: scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, equipment preparation

Sambrela has a qualified and experienced database of influencers around the world being opinion leaders in various fields

Postproduction includes: file management, video editing, motion graphics or animations, recording voice-overs, audio mastering, color grading and delivering files

-Promotional video

-Social Media Videos

-Event videos

-Educational videos

-Drone shooting

-TV commercial ads

-Doodle Videos

Also, Sambrela can offer you:





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