Why is DEX better than CEX?

Today we want to compare DEX and CEX, so let’s see which one is better, or why is DEX superior to CEX?

We will be going over the following:

  • KYC
  • Commissions
  • Possession of Assets
  • Availability

So let’s dive into it.


When it comes to DEX it offers a lot more freedom, as you might already know CEX would be regulated more heavily, while with DEX you wouldn’t even need a KYC. Which makes DEX superior and more user-friendly.


When it comes to commissions we can see that DEX is yet again superior to CEX, since they are extremely small or non-existent. While in CEX the user would be paying a lot in commissions, due to the influence of the third parties.

Possession of Assets

Yet again we are seeing a lot more freedom given to the users, because with CEX you never own your assets, they still belong to the exchange, and it’s all based on the amount of trust. With DEX you’re a full owner of all of your assets.


When it comes to CEX vs DEX and the availability, there is a much higher risk with CEX, due to the fact that if a crash happens, CEX can prevent the users from freely moving their assets, that is done to reduce the amount of losses on their end. While with DEX you aren’t forced or stopped at any point in time, so you have the freedom to move your assets around, even during the crash.

So with this knowledge, we can tell that DEX is far superior to CEX. It gives a lot more freedom, you’re the owner of your assets, you have a higher volume of tokens to trade with, you’re in control



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