Explaining The BotChain: Technology Behind the BotChain

Will Murphy
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6 min readJan 23, 2018


This is part of a series on the BotChain, a network for intelligent autonomous agent management. You can read more about it starting here.

In this piece I want to focus on BotChain’s technology at a high level, keeping in mind that our goal is to build a network, ecosystem, and cryptocurrency that in the long term, all autonomous agents can use to build, negotiate, and transact.

First of all. I think that technological progress is important to blockchain companies. But I think that it’s only part of the solution. I think about half the value of building a blockchain solution will come from non-technical work (marketing, partnerships, customers, etc.) In order to be successful, there are a lot of promotions, marketing, and business development needed to sustain it.

I’ve talked to a lot of smart experts concerning blockchain technology about what we should build and how we should build it. I get several diametrically opposed opinions at each step. This is one of the greatest challenges when developing new technology — there are no best practices yet.

With a standard SaaS company, web-based consumer company, or even technical hardware company, there are a lot of design patterns at every level of abstraction. There are many entrepreneurs that have spent time in every piece of the tech stack and every box of the business model canvas for a couple decades now. These are the heuristics that are valuable. We generally agree on 90% of the details…