Build a Facebook Chatbot in Python

Jeongsoo Park
Aug 15, 2017 · 3 min read
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Nowadays there are many articles like ‘’. But somebody still feels comfortable with codes. I’ll tell you here about to build a Facebook Messenger chatbot rapidly with BotHub.Studio.

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Creating a Facebook Messenger Bot

Let’s create an app. Move to Facebook developer site.

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Create a new app.

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Enter a bot name and contact email.

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Now you can see a dashboard like below. You can find an and here.

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Add a product to the app. Click Set Up button in Messenger section.

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Link it to your Facebook page. Then you can find a there.

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Note three entries below to deploy your chatbot to hosting service later.

Setup Hosting for Bot

First, create an account on BotHub.Studio, , and install CLI tool using the command below:

$ pip install bothub-cli

Run configure next:

$ bothub configure

Create a project directory:

$ mkdir MyBot
$ cd MyBot
$ bothub init

A template code will be generated after init finished:

|-- bothub
| |--
| `--
|-- bothub.yml
|-- requirements.txt
`-- tests

Primary template code, specifically contains an code which mimics a user message.

Now we use the facebook credentials you note:

$ bothub channel add facebook --page-access-token=<token> \
--app-secret=<secret> \

And deploy the project to server:

$ bothub deploy

Send a message to your chatbot and see it works well. Search your Facebook page name on Facebook Messenger, then you can talk to your chatbot.


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