10 Great Resolutions That Will Turn You Into A Deep Sleeper And Big Sleeper Too In 2019

Write a book about myself — inspired by my life except in the book my face is as beautiful as Jessica Ashley ( who I also wed in 2019).

Finally find a hobby that I can understand. Maybe marketing or professional criticism. Definitely not baking, because I don’t trust bread.

Be vegetables.

Me in 2019

Start focusing on where my body is, because I may need it to work at job or pick apple or something.


Train my shitty body until I don’t feel like an old coffee shop where guests are asked to share cups.

Not me, not anymore

Spend more time with family (Jessica Ashley) and less time with family (children etc.).

Done wasting my time with these

Waste less animal protein: my friends can make their own animal products, I need mine for my living notebook.

Wake up once for the whole year instead of once each day like Lazy Peter

Work out for 3 seconds every minute. I want an abundance of muscles in 2019.

I build muscle using the ball method

Check out this 28-day lentil adventure my friends keep trying to get me into.

gotta try it

You can follow my progress on twitter @jonahformayor