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Good times,!

We are Botnik Studios, a team of writers, artists and coders building new computer tools for hybrid human-machine creativity.

We’re best known for stuff like this predictive text Harry Potter chapter:

…this Scrubs script:

…and this Coachella poster:

We made these things using predictive text algorithms, neural networks that “invent” new words or word-phrases, and other methods. The Verge does an excellent job explaining it in this video: and Dami Lee explain how to write with Botnik

We’ve started this publication to talk about making computer-assisted art, reveal our creative process, clear up lingering misconceptions (spoiler: it’s human-powered, not robot-powered), explain new projects and technology we’re releasing, and of course, meet other people interested in algorithm art.

For now, exclusive to Medium, here are a few article headlines we wrote using a Voicebox keyboard trained on the titles of all top articles under the ‘entrepreneurship’ tab:

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