Botsify updated with new Messenger API update

Today we updated Botsify with new features of Facebook Messenger API. I know a lot still to come but that I think was really quick from a small team, which worked over the weekend to make things possible for others.

What is Botsify?

So for those who don’t know what’s Botsify. Botsify is helping people make useful chat bots without any coding knowledge.

What have we pushed today?

Persistent Menu UI/UX in persistent menu.

We have added ability to build persistent menu, greeting screen and getting started button. (WE BELIEVE!) The UI/UX is still simple and easy as we have always tried to do so. In the process we have also depreciated our greeting message and the same purpose can be achieved through “Greeting screen and Getting started button”.

We have fixed several bugs and issues which were reported by several people like you. That’s includes a very popular “API call” issue.

We have improved basic installation of our WordPress integration. So several options which were possible previously through commands like (at)help are now possible through “Persistent menu”.

Previously we only had, generic and button templates with new facebook messenger API update we can send audio, video, file and even image as your chat bot response.

What else is coming?

A lot is coming. We are focusing on increasing efficiency of our algorithms and providing several options to capture desired user response.

We appreciate feedback and would like to help you if you are facing any difficulty in using it! Now signup at Botsify and build something cool.

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