Botsify version 1.1 released — Send formatted messages

I am so glad to announce Botsify version 1.1 today. We started with very basic application and MVP and got amazing feedback from users. In one week we have got 25+ users. What amazed me even more is that out of these 25+ users 70% were able to create their first chatbots right away.

Today we are releasing second version of the application, we also have improved the design and experience of our application so it is easier for people to follow along in tiny steps. We will soon be releasing tutorial videos for letting people know about the latest features of Botsify. Furthermore, we will also be updating our getting started guide with respect to the newer interface.

So in the newer version you have got a lot of things to impress your customers, among many features we released today here are some to be excited about.

Formatted Message

You are now able to send formatted response to your users. In formatted responses you can combine “Button with text and images”. The UI of these formatted messages will be something like this.

You can also present multiple images which will appear in a carousel format, that can be scroll to left or right within the messenger.

Postback Response

You can respond to user action when he/she clicks on the button. There are generally two types of buttons in facebook chat.

  1. External link (This button will redirect user to some external link or your website, it can be any URL).
  2. Postback link (This button will respond to webhook and you can perform some action, like responding user action with “Thanks you message”).

API based responses

We have open API based responses for our users. Users can integrate their existing APIs with Botsify.

Improved Interface

We have improved the interface as well and have tried best to make it easy and pleasant experience for our users. Things should be more clear and step wise now. But still you can help us with your feedback.

New Email Templates

We have redesigned our email templates. You saw in welcome email our bot was kind of too large? It seems normal now 🙂

What’s coming?

Well, there are several ideas going on in my head. First I have message scheduling and analytic in my features queue. After it’s done you know what’s coming? WordPress integration of chatbot. Yeah your chatbot will be able to work with your existing WordPress installation.

So I am very much excited about these new features and hoping that I get a good response from my users as well. I will be recording videos very soon to help you guys get started with Botsify.

Originally published at on May 8, 2016.

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