Lesson 1 # Talk to your customers

Lesson # 1 in every entrepreneurship course will be “Talk to your customers”, and that’s what I have been trying to do with Botsify.

I uploaded a very basic version of Botsify with a video on youtube (Just like Dropbox did it). And then I waited for user responses before going any further with my application development.

I had tried best to let users find ways to talk to me, from giving facebook page links in video and integrating live chat options in website. I was having visitors visiting my website everyday but no one was trying to login to see what’s inside. I being alone and short on time couldn’t figure out why? But one of the users message me on facebook page and reported a issue. You know what that was? The registration code has a bug. So people might have been trying to register but they won’t because of the bug.

Many people must have seen that and went away. One of them send me message on facebook. And there I resolved the issue right away. I took the customer on call (skype) and then we had a long chat with him. I tried to know more about Botsify and experience. He was very excited when I walk him all the way to create his first chatbot. Further; he offered several different ideas as well.

Meanwhile on the same night in 12 hours I got 2 more registrations. Just because of that small bug which didn’t let my customers in for the whole week I was bit curious why won’t my users sign up on the website.

So this lesson is for everyone out there who is building a new product, try to give as many ways as possible to your customers to find you. Out of ten nine won’t report the issue but one of them will.

Originally published at blog.botsify.com on May 4, 2016.

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