Building Amigo, the friendliest Bot that helped power the Komfo Summit

Real Talk Time: If you are planning for big conferences and large events, you need all the help you can get. Meet Amigo, a fun, 24/7 digital co-host 🤖 that helps you keep your guests informed.

Event planners around the globe, rejoice! Chatbots are here to save the day by helping events like the Komfo Summit become a huge success!

500+ attendees made of the Komfo Summit a memorable day. There were also over 20 speakers lined up, so naturally if you were a guest you could easily be faced with an overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to go or what speakers to choose. A lot was happening. A lot of information, was produced around it.

So how did the organisers of Komfo Summit tackled this overload of information? By teaming up with us at BotSupply and creating the friendliest, cutest Chatbot ever: Amigo!🤖

Amigo the messenger Chatbot that lives on Komfo’s Facebook page helped the 500+ attendees plan their day. It provided information regarding the speakers, the food menu that was going to be served and it could even help you purchase a ticket for the VIP dinner party. 🎼

Stats that we are lovin’:
An estimated of 4, 000 messages were send through Amigo
Over 1,000 messages were sent through Amigo on the day of the event. Amigo assisted the attendees in navigating the different stages and exhibitions the event offered, by offering time slots and other relevant information.
1 out of 4 persons that attended the Komfo Summit used Amigo to learn information about the event 👧🏻👨🏻👱🏻👩🏻

Pretty insane, huh? 🙌

Can you imagine how much time and resources it would have taken to send over 4,000 messages manually? A lot!

Good news for all other event planners that might need a hand: Amigo’s model can be easily replicated. If you’re planning an event, a concert, a conference, or even a festival take good care of your guests. Get your event a Chatbot to keep them informed and in the loop of all the cool things you’re planning on offering!

Amigo was heaven sent, a real AI powered Superhero! It helped present a lot of information in a easy to digest friendly way. It was prompt to answer the attendees questions, leaving them with a feeling of being tended to. Having Amigo acting as an information provider also allowed the hardworking peeps at Komfo to focus their time and energy in organising the many other details that encompass the hosting of an event as big as the Komfo Summit.

Amigo was also fun to built. It allowed the people at Komfo to think of new ways to extend their brand awareness in an unique innovative medium.

Diana Daia works at Komfo as a Content Strategist & Communications Specialist and she was in charged of writing the copy that Amigo was trained with.

Jonas, Francesco, Chris & Diana at the Komfo Summit
“It was really exciting to actually work for the first time in creating content for a Bot, especially in putting some personality in it to give it a bit of a human touch. It was just nice to see how much you can do with a bot. Chatbots are super interesting they’re a buzz word but we are just getting started in working with them. Im excited to see the whole potential that they have in helping companies”.

So that’s the story of how Modern Parenting between the creatives minds of Komfo and Tech Savvy wits at BotSupply gave birth to Amigo, the bot that helped a great event like the Komfo Summit happen.

What a great experience the Komfo Summit was! 😍💜

An amazing opening act by Carlos Gil, with great music. Incredibly inspirational speakers, a fantastic venue, and delicious food (including the cutest pastries that honestly looked like a piece of art) and interesting exhibitions.

Yeps, these pretties are cakes!

Docken was transformed into a playground for enabling meaningful moments. Every single act had a purpose: igniting out of the box thinking, facilitation of creative discussions, sparkling the attendees’ curiosity to seek further knowledge, or experimenting with top notch VR immersive experiences everything worked to turn the event into an unforgettable one. 🙌