Chatbots Copenhagen: The flourishing Community 🤖

A recap of the 5th & 6th edition of Chatbots Copenhagen a community that keeps growing and growing!

Grasia Hald
Oct 31, 2017 · 4 min read
Simon Morel presents “How we can create a design process blueprint for developing AI products”

And so we met again! 👋

Chatbots Copenhagen is the community driven meetup organised by BotSupply where chatbot enthusiasts, bot experts and other peeps curious about Chatbots meet up every month.

Chatbots Copenhagen is where all the cool kids hang!😎

The events are characterised by being charged with inspiring knowledge sharing and enthusiastic networking! Like minded individuals come together to share their experience and projects with other members of the community in our different sessions and we close down every time with our traditional “Open Mic” session.

In our Open Mic sessions 🎤🎤🎤:

Members are encouraged to share whatever questions they might have about developing chatbots with the rest of the community.

It’s also possible for companies to demo their new bot related projects and get some feedback on it.

Big smiles are always present in Chatbots Copenhagen

Chatbots Copenhagen obtains incredible value from the fact that its made up by a very diverse crowd, from students to experts in different fields, we’ve touched down in several different relevant topics from design and AI to “breakfasts” bots.

Here’s a run through of our 5th and 6th edition:

  • Thomas Martinsen from Bluefragments introduced us to the charming Emma, a bot that orders breakfast for the guys at Bluefragments every week. 🍪 ☕️
  • Viktor Georgo introduced us to the efficient and hardworking Atori, a personal assistant that knows the project better than the people working on it. 🙋🏻
  • Simon Morel from BotSupply talked to us about “How we can create a design process blueprint for developing AI products”. 🤔
  • Eleonora Kurilchik from Wiredelta shared with the crowd their journey and enlightening experience around “10 months of learning how to Chatbot” 🤓
  • Oracle showcased and presented to the attendees the launch of their brand new chatbot platform. Oracle DK is getting very active in the local startup community, and we hope to see them engaged in many more activities like this. Thanks again Lars and whole Oracle team for hosting the event! 🙌
  • Rahul Kumar from BotSupply presented Pachamama a complete ecosystem around Natural Language Understanding (NLU), that allows our solutions to talk to clients in their native natural languages such as Danish, Italian, English, etc.
Talented Elonara talks to the crowd about lessons learned from building their Chatbot that helps companies design their webpage.

As you can see a lot has happened in the last two months. 😃 ⭐️ We’re pretty sure Chatbots Copenhagen is the coolest meetup around!

It’s been quite the exciting ride and tons of talented people have been able to connect with each other through Chatbots Copenhagen in a friendly and affable environment. This allows for the community to continue to grow, with new members joining us every time. We are all about community and sharing knowledge. Our goal is to build a space that helps others in building great solutions and that nurtures exciting projects for the benefit of all. This openess is what makes this community simply awesome!

Plus, there’s always food! On our last event we meet at the headquarters of Oracle Copenhagen where we were treated to delicious, Italian approved, fresh from the oven pizza! 🍕🍕🍕🍕

Compelling conversations are always a part of our meetups.

As you can see, we are pretty proud of what Chatbots Copenhagen has become. And this is only the beginning, we are determined to continue to facilitate spaces where people can learn more about AI and it’s applications. So stay tuned for more!

On November you can find us:

  • Teaching people how to build their own chatbot from scratch together with the peeps of CBS Code. You can sign up for the event here. 🤖 (Nov. 16)
  • Hosting a special edition of Chatbots Copenhagen, because it has come up several times on our monthly meet ups, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole session to exploring “The impact of AI in Society”. You can sign up here. 🚀 (Nov. 20)
We are always excited to welcome new members!

We hope to see you around and thanks for helping us build such a kick-ass community, it’s you that make Chatbots Copenhagen awesome! ⭐️ 🚀⭐️

We always live stream our events, in case you can’t join. Last time 1.5K people joined us through FB live, if you wish to check them out, the recordings are still available on BotSupply’s FB page.


If you can't get enough of chatbots and once a month is simply not enough for you, join the dialogue on our FB group: Chatbots Copenhagen to stay updated in all the latest details around the community.


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Organizations partner with our network of AI scientists, bot engineers and creatives to co-create AI & bots