Grasia Hald
Sep 8, 2017 · 5 min read
Business as usual: Jim walking his Robot-pet

Better, faster, stronger: An enhanced reality brought to you by AI’s incredible ability to adapt and be adapted! 🙌 🚀

We’ve heard it a lot: AI will deeply influence the way we live our lives, but what does this actually mean? Everyone is so excited talking about disruption that very few take the time to actually tell us the compelling story of how our lives are going to be supplemented by AI. AI will be present in our life in such fantastic ways that we will be left to wonder how could the world ever exist without it.

If you’re curious about how AI will change your life search no more! You’re about to learn how your future will be improved courtesy of bots, self-driving cars, AI powered police & super human exoskeletons.

Future World is a bold move forward presented in permanent exhibition at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore

Everyday Jim is woken up at 7:30 am by his handy intelligent home assistant the always loyal Alexa. He wakes up by a combination of light slowly entering through his window by self rising curtains, like the ones developed by SomfySystems, and his favorite music being played while the volume of the sound increases gradually 🎼.

The melody slowly fills the room as the sunlight enter through the windows, but there’s a twist to this everyday moment: the music has been entirely composed by a generative algorithm trained on millions of songs. The coolest thing is…music albums generated by AI are already available today, and they sound better than you would expect! (Try it yourself below)

He jumps in the shower and quickly moves to have his first meal of the day without moving a finger in the kitchen a heavenly brewed cup of coffee…

…and a freshly baked croissant are waiting for him, all has been prepared for him by his AI butler similar in built to Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis, cool right? Gone are the days of shitty coffee 🥐☕️.

Time to drive for work, and Jim likes to drive in style. His self driving car has moved itself from the garage and it's waiting for Jim to jump in at Jim’s front door.

Jim gets on his car that drives him to work through the nearest hyperloop. Back in the day Jim’s commute would’ve taken 50 minutes, the commute with hyperloop has been reduced to merely 3 minutes. Being “late because of traffic” is an excuse that hasn’t been heard in years.

And if you think this is purely sci-fi…have a look below at a video of the latest hyperloop pod test…

At the same time with the help of VR Jim engages his students with immersive experiences that improve retention and understanding while helping block typical classroom distractors 📚.

Jim also has another useful tool, an AI designed to help him grade papers and evaluate his students. With the automation of tasks such as grading, Jim has more time to focus in other important teaching tasks such as the building of good interpersonal skills in his students.

After a fulfilling day at work, Jim decides to drive home the old fashion way because in the late afternoon hours only self driving truck are out on the highways and the traffic is way less congested.

Once he is home Jim decides to get his pulse up and go for a run. He’s trying to improve his general fitness so he wears his bio-sensing earphones that house his AI powered personal trainer that coaches him through out his run.

After his run Jim comes home to find the new video games he ordered the night before being delivered to his door by a drone.

Once home Jim comes home to his robo-dog barking like crazy, he checks out from his window and sees that a robot is building his neighbour a new fence.

Its finally time for dinner and Jim is feeling lazy so he asks his Alexa to order him a pizza. His pizza is delivered by domino’s self driving car.

While Jim waits for his pizza he chats with a flower shop chatbot and sends some flowers and chocolate to his mother for her birthday. He also uploads to another bot a picture of his girlfriend and he asks the bot to buy her a dress that will look good on her. He know what to buy because not long time ago he got her an AI fashion assistant that helps them keep up with the latest trends:

Right after dinner Jim logs Facebook Spaces to call his friend Ying who lives in China.

The call consists of Jim talking to a hologram of Ying who is speaking in Mandarin. Jim doesn’t understand a word of Mandarin but thats not a problem, Jim is wearing headphones that translate in real time everything that Ying says.

After a very long day, Jim is ready to go to bed, but before he reads a few pages on his favourite book a Crime novel written by an AI that just won a pulitzer for best Fiction Story.

Its finally time for Jim to have some well deserved sleep, throughout his day he used at least 10 different technologies powered by AI. Jim calls himself a happy man. Jim life’s it’s good!

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We call this co-creating artificial intelligence.


Organizations partner with our network of AI scientists, bot engineers and creatives to co-create AI & bots

Grasia Hald

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🤖 AI enthusiast & SoMe junky✌🏽 Sometimes I am a communicator, sometimes I am a Neuropsychologist. I’m always curious about disruption & bots.


Organizations partner with our network of AI scientists, bot engineers and creatives to co-create AI & bots

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