AI pushing the limits of the ineffable & revolutionizing the workplace!

Grasia Hald
Sep 20, 2017 · 4 min read

It’s an exciting time to be alive. The great technological advances of the last decades have meant that we’ve had to rethink the way we do things and new normals have appeared. We are living longer, we are more interconnected than ever, concepts such as distance & time have become relative and we are able to produce more in general.

Naturally, when “new normals” appear they get intertwined with our daily life changing the way we think, communicate and work. When it comes to work, there’s a clear necessity to keep improving the way we do things and in today’s world where innovation and efficiency go hand in hand companies are turning to AI to stay relevant in an ever increasingly competitive world.

Numbers say it all, the AI industry is expected to grow to $70 billion by 2020. Companies that are early to adopt new technologies will grow, and thrive.

Those that don’t will remain dusty and will eventually disappear. The digital future is an unforgiving one.

React, Adapt & Thrive

If you want your company to remain relevant, tomorrow is already too late to start digitizing your business. Customization allows AI powered solutions to help solve specific business pains across sectors. AI it’s incredibly versatile and adaptable so there’s no excuse to not start implementing it on your business.

Keep reading to find out how you can catalyse AI in your company to boost your employees’ efficiency and to learn examples of AI being applied across sectors.

Time to free space for creativity!

1. Routines and tedious paperwork are the death of creativity!

Keep your employees happier and motivated by allowing them to place their attention where matters. Freeing up time, when automating routinely tasks can help increase employees’ creativity and engagement. Employees will have time and space to dedicate themselves to executing the parts of the process with higher importance.

Do you have processes in your company that have a heavy paperwork trial? Do you have big amounts of data that need to be processed? That’s where you want automation to take place!

2. Your HR department powered by AI

Companies are using AI solutions to reduce human bias in the recruitment process, sort through large amounts of resumes and for employer branding purposes, such as answering employees common questions. This is a great example of how AI can help humans at making more fair decisions.

Human + bot= dream team!

3. Event Planning: Digital Co-Hosts

If you are planning for big conferences and large events, all your time should go in making sure the event will turn out to be a success! Spending time replying to repetitive questions about location of the venue, logistics, arrival times, etc.. is not something you should spend your time on!

Earlier in September at BotSupply we built Amigo a fun, 24/7 digital co-host 🤖 that helped keep the attendees of the Komfo Summit informed.

Amigo was a real champ:

We 💜 Amigo!

4. Your AI Doctor, will see you now!

Healthcare is one of the top industries that has a huge potential for disruption. There are various thought leaders that believe that AI will be redesign healthcare from its very roots.

AI is helping improve the accuracy of diagnosis. Babylon Health raised close to $60 million in April 2017 to diagnose illnesses with an AI chatbot on your smartphone, and according to World Economic Forum robotic nurses could be the future of healthcare.

5. AI your new favorite shopping assistant

Do you sell something? Books, clothes, food, services, anything?

Then you need a chatbot and you need it NOW! Your shoppers are spending most of their time online on messaging apps. Numbers show a tendency of users spending more time in messaging apps that in Social Media.

Correlate this numbers with the fact that there will be an estimated spending of $632 billion in online retail by 2020 and you get a pretty good picture of why you need a bot for your business now!

eBay is playing it smart 😎

Time to join the digital revolution 🚀

As you can see the future is happening now. Across sectors the human + bot equation is taking companies to the next level, keeping them relevant and able to adapt to the “new normals” that have inundated their costumers lives.

Do you remember Blockbuster….?

I barely do. Kids these days have no clue that once upon a time people used to “rent dvds” to watch movies at home. Blockbuster failed to innovate and we all know what happened. Netflix is now worth 61.6 Billion because it manage to innovate at the right time. It rode the wave of change and it paid of. I guess what Im trying to say is, do yourself a favour and don’t pull a Blockbuster. Digitalise now, tomorrow it might be already to late.


Organizations partner with our network of AI scientists, bot engineers and creatives to co-create AI & bots

Grasia Hald

Written by

🤖 AI enthusiast & SoMe junky✌🏽 Sometimes I am a communicator, sometimes I am a Neuropsychologist. I’m always curious about disruption & bots.


Organizations partner with our network of AI scientists, bot engineers and creatives to co-create AI & bots

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