The rise of AI

A new series of articles on Artificial Intelligence by BotSupply Cognitive.

If you are a technical person but lack Ai knowledge or if you are a business and want to experiment with Artificial intelligence, you have come to the right place:

A starting point for people interested in Ai who want to tell what’s real from what’s hype!

As Andrew Ng used to say:

“Artificial Intelligence gives you Software Superpowers”

And these superpowers are not exclusive to professionals with Degrees in Computer Science!

That’s why this series of articles would be perfect for:

  • Business leaders trying to figure out the right way for their organization to put intelligence into their software, processes, and culture
  • Business analysts, product or marketing managers, or consultants looking at machine learning to improve products, but doesn’t have the time to go through all the possibilities

That said, a degree in Computer Science may come in handy when hacking your way through TensorFlow, Torch, Theano, Keras or Caffee.

The serie will cover these and other tools, making it a perfect read for:

  • Data scientists looking to broaden their toolkit to the latest and greatest AI toolkits
  • Software developers trying to get an overview of what’s available in the space

How things are gonna go down

In the upcoming weeks BotSupply’s Ai scientists Kumar Shridhar and Rahul Kumar will be writing about the

We know you can’t wait till we publish the next article, so here’s a little preview from Kumar Shridhar:

And another one from Rahul Kumar:

We’re excited about the potential for AI to make our tech smarter and easier to interact with, and be a better bicycle for our minds:

Enjoy the journey!


We’re a team of bot creatives and AI scientists with one common goal:

blowing business objectives out of the water with bots and cognitive solutions
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