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Future of Marketing is Chat Marketing — 2020

Every product and business needs marketing nowadays because of the crowd and diversity of users choices.

Even though your product or service can provide a complete solution to your solution, without a proper marketing effort, you cannot bring up your product to your audience’s visibility.

Internet is flooding with lots of information and promotions daily; users have vast choices of selection on products because of the competition in your industry.

From traditional marketing to online marketing, promotions and its activities have been changing and evolving every moment. From banner ads to display ads, pamphlets to newsletters, word of mouth to influencer marketing it developing in every aspect.

For the betterment of the FUTURE.

Future of Marketing


Today, personalisation is the main goal to be achieved on every checkpoint of the customer’s journey on business. The experience your customers felt while having business with your company keeps them come back again and make them works as brand ambassadors.

This is the main reason many companies are putting efforts on the personalised customer journey. This is where the BRAND differs from other business.

Chat Marketing

Chat Marketing

Promoting the business or product, reaching and serving the audience through chat platform is called Chat Marketing. It is the only marketing channel now to keep the audience in a conservative and engaging manner.

Chat marketing works like both email marketing and SMS marketing, where you can broadcast the content to your users like email marketing and can receive instant replies from the users like SMS marketing.

Chatbots — a computer application programmed to initiate and handle the conversations of the visitors in an automated manner. Chatbots plays a key role in this marketing method, without chatbots automation is impossible in this marketing channel.

When it comes to user experience, CHATBOTS is becoming a pioneer to deliver highly customised content and service in an automated manner.

Demo McDonald’s Messenger Chatbot

Many people may think that “Automation! On user experience? Are you kidding?” “How Chatbots will automate the user experience?”

My dear readers,

Gartner predicts that

Chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. Perhaps more impressive (or concerning), it predicts that, by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with chatbots than with their spouse. If you are a consumer-facing business and haven’t yet considered chatbots, you may be missing out.

The potential of the chatbots is taking the marketing and sales domain to the next level. Many businesses are started using chatbots on their businesses activities to leverage their metrics.

Here are the few articles to know more about Chat Marketing,

· What is Chat Marketing?

· Benefits of using Chat Marketing

· Definitive Guide to Chat Marketing

· Chat Marketing for Business

How will Chat Marketing Change the Future?

Messaging is a new way of marketing.

A business grows proportionally with the relationship on their customers. The relationship starts with the conversation.

Providing the best product at reasonable costs is not enough to attract many customers. The experience they felt with your business pulls the visitors to become your audience.

This is where Chat Marketing comes into the picture.

By its name chat marketing is not limited to only marketing, you can

· Provide customer service,

· Automate sales on messenger,

· Product suggestions,

· Collect reviews,

· Submit feedback,

· Conduct contest,

· Send reminders and the list goes on.

With a properly architected chat marketing strategy, you can make the messenger platform as your landing page.

Isn’t that exciting?

Businesses find this fantastic opportunity and the potential of chat marketing and started integrating with their existing marketing strategy to acquire more leads and sales.

80% of the market will have a chatbot by 2020 (source)

43% of peoples love interacting with chatbots in 2019, which is 5% greater than the previous year (source)

65% of consumers feel good about themselves and the company when they can handle an issue without talking to a live person, and 61% think that chatbots allow for faster answers (source)

By 2020 8 Billion dollars will going to be saved by chatbots (source)

66% of millennials like the 24*7 feature of chatbots (source)

These are the sample statistics of Chat Marketing, and I think these numbers mean a lot to your business. Right?

Let’s see how Chat Marketing will change the future of marketing.

1. Reaching the audience: A great marketing saying is that “You need to promote your business where your audience was.” Unlike other marketing channel reaching the audience will not be difficult on chat marketing. Your audience can communicate with your business as they interact with their family and friends.

Since messaging applications provide two-way communication instantly, the response time to the customer queries will get decreased drastically. Both marketers and consumers can start or re-hatch the conversation anytime they want. Every thread of the conversation history is stored on the messaging platform; it can be seen by the users anytime they want

2. Customised user experience: Your audience will get excited when they get messages from their brands. Also, the automated replies in a fraction of second give them the feel of how important they are to the business. Personalised interaction in automatic mode will give your customer a seamless experience on the messenger platform with the help of chatbots.

A study by Ubisend gives the result that 21% of the customers believe that chatbot is the easiest way to communicate with the business. Hence chatbots provide the relevant answer to the customer queries in a short period; the customer doesn’t have to wait and get the email back from the support team. A human-like, funny, engaging (not dull and robot-like) conversational method with personalised content gives the best user experience, and this is how brand differs from other business (personalisation on every aspect of customer journey).

3. Bank of Customer data: Once the user opt-in to your chatbot, the basic profile data will get collected automatically for good need. Chat marketing has the ability to learn and utilise the data provided by the users to give the best conversational experience and product suggestions.

Past Purchase history, shopping experience and the customer experience on the messaging application platform can be utilised. So when the user comes next time to the store, the collected data can be used to give the best suggestions, deals & promotions to close the deal.

4. Data — Controlled Product Suggestions: With the data gathered from your consumer, it is possible to suggest the perfect product they are looking for. From the previous orders and search records, the customised product suggestions can be used to drive more sales.

“Amount of milk to re-order”

“number of flowers to buy again”

“size of the dress to purchase from the store” and many other user metrics can be stored once the user entered the first time.

5. Messenger Landing Page: By Chat Marketing, your chatbots can handle many operations of business like customer service, automated lead generation and sales, fix an appointment, give reminders, product notifications on order confirmation, shipment, and many more.

You can utilise the messaging application as your landing page by using chat marketing methods. Yes, every operation your visitors can do on your website also be performed on the messenger platform with the help of chatbots. From knowing what the business is all about to complete the purchase can be made by messenger bots in chat marketing.

Get Started

Chat Marketing is entirely new to the market, and it is evolving rapidly with a small population of early adopters.

So how can you utilise this opportunity?

Gain your audience to your chatbots and promote your chat marketing channel along with every other channels and campaign you will do.

Keep your audience engaging on the messenger platform by providing the relevant pieces of information.

But you will not dump the audience’s inbox with loads of vague information regularly. Peoples are already sick with the flocks of emails from the business on their inbox frequently.

Keep it short, useful, funny, human-like conversations which give value to your users.

Need help on Chat Marketing? Talk to our experts and get 30 minutes of free consulting from BottlChat — an exclusive messenger marketing agency.

What will you think about chat marketing as the future of marketing?

Comment your opinions.

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