[Ultimate guide] How to sell your own online course, WITHOUT being held hostage by marketplaces that steal 50% of your profit

Sean Meyer
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26 min readMay 28, 2018


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Hey what’s up? Thanks for reading the ultimate guide on how to sell your own online course…

And as you’ll see throughout the entire guide, this is a subject I really love talking about.

Not because it’s an “exciting” topic or anything like that either, but because after working with dozens of online entrepreneurs over the years, and from all sorts of backgrounds…

I can confidently say this is one topic that a lot of people don’t know about.

It seems like most aspiring online entrepreneurs think selling online courses is nothing more than creating a landing page, then sending traffic to it with Facebook ads and going for the sale right away…

But as I’m sure you can guess, that’s the worst thing you can do.

It’d be the equivalent of asking somebody to marry you without taking them on a date first, and I’ll show you how to get around that throughout this guide…

But before we get there, I wanted to go over the goal and brief overview of how it works first.

Always like to do this upfront, that way you know if this is for you right away — not 10 minutes after you’ve started reading…

And to get us started, let’s go over:

The goal

The main goal of this guide is simple, I want to show you everything you need to know in order to get sales with your online course.

Doing this because well, I’ve worked with a lot of course owners over the years…

And I’ve unfortunately seen way too many people start “selling” without knowing what they were doing, which usually results in burning $1K (or more) on Facebook ads, for no results.

As for who this guide is for, it’s really designed for people who already have a course built, but want to learn how to sell it on their own (well, without using online marketplaces, like Udemy).

I say that because that’s where a lot of my clients have come from over the years, and it seems like each and every one of these entrepreneurs always have…



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