Interview with Bottos Founder Wang Tingting

Recently, the industry focused media had an in-depth dialogue with Bottos founder Wang Tingting. During the interview, Miss Wang has proposed that “entrepreneurs always have the right to speak” and “the development of anything is systematic”, “the bear market is the best time to do things”. Why does she, as an entrepreneur, throw such a view? Read why now!

What kind of opportunity is there for joining the blockchain industry?

Wang Tingting: When we wanted to finance robotic exoskeletons, I would often look at some research and other information on investments, and then I found some reports on the blockchain. Since October 2015 a relatively large conference was held internationally, many investors noticed the blockchain technology. Da Shu was the more advanced. There was a company under the Guotai Junan Securities that wrote a research report about a small company called NEO. When I read it, I felt positive.

Later, I met Da Shu, who talked to me from the perspective of an investors. Then Da Shu told me whether I would have liked to go to their company, NEO. Da Shu was very enthusiastic. I spent more than a month to make a decision. In 2017, I think it was a slogan. At the time, NEO actually encouraged internal entrepreneurship. I remember that I was also responsible for an entrepreneur’s plan at the time of NEO, which was based on the NEO chain to encourage people in the community to start a business.

So first of all, entrepreneurship is where the water flows, and then I left NEO since, at that time, their technological platform couldn’t support Bottos. For example, our current core team is prevalently from ZTE and Huawei, and they have been responsible for 5G and distributed storage. They are all core leaders. What we are doing now is actually the so called AI infrastructure. What is this concept? If you compare with AI, then the most appropriate analogy should be the electric energy, which is an artificial energy source. After electricity was discovered and after many devices were powered, it was considered as the electric power. For example, after we have connected the traditional carriage to the electricity, it has now become a car with more than 200 horsepower. But AI is a new type of artificial energy. Once the car is connected to AI, it becomes a smart, autonomous car.

What Bottos is doing now is an infrastructure like power plants and power networks. In the future, AI will reach thousands of households like electricity, and it will certainly change our lives.

What is the survival strategy of a bear market company?

Wang Tingting: I hope more and more developers can develop on our chain. I think the difference of our team is that there is another part of the development process, which is the AI developer. In fact, AI related talents are very expensive. They represent algorithms, which are the production basics of AI, including data algorithms, computing power, etc. So what our blockchain does is to help these AI startup teams reduce the cost of their production materials.

We have a data market, storage market, and in the future, a computing market, etc. What we do is what is help the engineer get what they want, so that they can develop the AI products that they want to design on Bottos platform, without the need to go to work for a big BAT company. Maybe you are doing something that you don’t want to do, but you can do it with Bottos. If you do AI in BAT, the data belongs to the other party.

What is the big goal of the company now?

Wang Tingting: The company’s big goal is to live through this current bear market. In fact, our team is very good, it is always focused on technology. Then the main blockchain is developed and is already used to make profit. What does this mean? Since there are many organizations, including governments, or some other big companies, that don’t have blockchain technology teams, they have to outsource, and we can pick it up. Our strategy in the bear market is to live on and continue to develop the Bottos ecosystem. While enticing more and more developers can develop on our Bottos platform.

What is the most memorable thing on the road to entrepreneurship?

Wang Tingting: The best thing is the access to finance in the blockchain industry, compared to traditional industries. Because I used to raise traditional financing in the robotic exoskeleton, I feel that the process is very cumbersome, there are too many red tapes, and the entrepreneurs are likely to be controlled by the capital side. Even if you have a dream, in the end, it’s the investor side. But blockchain industry financing is not like this, entrepreneurs always have the right to speak. The capital side not only provides funds, it really helps the startup to do something else.

For example, on August 8th, NEO did the second round of funding. At that time, there were many people in the community who volunteered to help us promote and to introduce customers. They are not just investors but promoters. The strength of the each individual is very relevant and the help to the project is really large. I feel that the whole community is very important now, because it really can help do a lot of things for you.

What is your message for people who are new to the blockchain industry?

Wang Tingting: I have been thinking about this for a long time. We all know now that the bull market that experienced from the 2017 to 2018 can be said to have affected the entire capital market, including the global economy. In the bear market, everyone felt that the pressure was particularly high and the mood was not particularly good. In fact, I want to say that everyone should look at this issue with a more mature attitude. Because the development of everything is systematic, no matter the strategies of rising and falling. We need to know the development of the whole society and we need to really do something. When you really do things, you won’t be disturbed by the ups and downs of the outside world. We can’t enter the blockchain industry impulsively because of the upswing, and we feel that the industry is cooling. Everyone said that a bear market is the best time to do things, where there is not a steady development. For all startups, or for those who are about to enter the blockchain industry, be calm and cautious to consider this issue.

The entire human history has been promoted through technology. Now we are faced with such a technology, and given the period of change between old and new technologies, I think that the sooner you can get in, the better, because it is possible to taste the first wave of dividends in this industry. The real dividends should come in the next 3 to 5 years.

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