10 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online In 2018

Gambling didn’t make the list :)

One of my favourite songs came on the radio earlier today and it got me thinking…

We all want to make more money, right?

Money doesn’t buy happinness, it simply makes things easier and whether we like it or not it’s fairly important, you can’t pay the rent with Tofu, unless there’s a new ICO I don’t know about!

I’ve been making money online since I was 22, I’ve tested plenty of methods, some of them great and others a total failure.

If you Google “how to make money online” you might find this blog on page 11,500 if you’re lucky! Why? Well, firstly because I’ve only just published it and secondly the search volume for this keyword is so high there are tons of sites competing for page 1. The point is that most people don’t really know whether the methods they’re writing about actually work.

Sites like Forbes.com & Entrepreneur.com have writers who just research the topic and create a blog post about it. The writer has probably never tested the methods.

Here’s my list of 10 ways you can start earning some extra cash online, I’ve tested 6 of them, I’ve given the methods I’ve used a score between 1–10.

  1. Print on Demand (POD)

Who wants the hassle of holding stock and managing inventory? POD is a great way to launch your own ecommerce store and start selling t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, pillow cases etc. Simply upload your design, choose your selling price and away you go. Margins can be tight but I’m a big fan. Check out Printful & Customcat.

Score: 8/10

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2. Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate industry is set to hit $6.8 billion over the next five years, that’s a big number. Affiliate marketing has been around for years and it continues to grow and develop. The model is simple, divert traffic to a clients website using an affiliate link, if a user takes action you earn commission. Most companies will have an affiliate programme setup these days, check out ClickBank, Shareasale, Amazon & Ebay.

Score: 9/10

3. Launch a Digital Agency

Heard of Tai Lopez? The guy with the Lambo that follows you all over the internet? He teaches people how to launch their own digital agency, what does this mean?

Basically it boils down to Facebook ads, companies are still trying to work out how to run them profitability. You can quickly become a perceived expert and start finding clients to pay you a monthly retainer for running their Facebook ads for them. The average monthly fee is $1,500, find 10 clients and you’ve got yourself $15,000 per month.

Score: 5/10

4. Become an Online Coach

Social media coach, singing coach, fitness coach, coffee making coach, life coach…the list goes on. Becoming a coach can definitely set you on the path to financial freedom. The explosion of e-learning and live video streaming has made it simple to communicate with anyone at anytime. Being an online coach looks like a good option.

Score: Unknown

5. Launch an Online Course

There’s a course for everything these days. The online course world has gone crazy over the past 3 years. Creating a digital product based on your knowledge and hosting it on a platform such as Teachable is an amazing way to monetise your knowledge. I’m always hunting for bizarre courses to make me laugh, I found this yesterday Elite Close Combat Training.

Score: Unknown

6. Sell Stuff on Ebay

List it, sell it, ship it. Simples! I sold an old Playstation a few weeks ago for $200, took me 4 days. We’ve all got random stuff lying around that we never use. Selling it on Ebay is a great way of earning some extra cash, who knows you could turn it into a full-time side hustle?!

Score: 10/10

7. Launch a Blog

Creating a blog is easy and inexpensive, all it needs is content. Well, when I say all it needs, I mean it needs a lot of content to make money! Blogging is great but making money from it takes time, if you’re looking to play the long game go for it, if you’re looking for 2018 cash, I would probably look elsewhere. This is a cool resource to help you get started.

Score: 3/10

8. Launch a Paid Webinar

You’ve heard of webinars, did you know you can charge people to attend them with 1 simple click? WebinarJam is one the most popular Webinar platforms, they allow you to host a webinar with hundreds of attendees and charge for the privilege. If you’ve got good knowledge in a specific niche it helps build your authority and validate the paid element (most webinars are free). If you get the model right, launching a paid webinar can be fast and a great earner.

Score: Unknown

9. Dropshipping

Dropshipping allows you to sell products that get fulfilled by another company. Finding and working with the right partners can be challenging. If you get it right it’s a winner. If you get it wrong you’re going to lose money and be stuck with a ton of headaches. The customer service is down to you and if your partner f***s up, good luck. Shopify has an awesome guide to dropshipping, click here to check it out. I recently stopped dropshipping, it made money but there was too much hassle for me!

Score: 6/10

10. Sell on Fiver.com

Good old fiver, we’ve all used it to get a logo designed. What if you were the logo designer or your friend was and you helped him promote his services on Fiver and split the profits? It’s not sexy but it can work! There’s plenty of buyers on the site, you’ll find yourself in a price war with people wanting a logo for under a Fiver :)

Score: Unknown

P.S. My favourite song? Tracy Chapman, Fast Car. The lyrics? You got a fast car, I got a job that pays all our bills.

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