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Many of 2016’s discussions have been around how Bots are here to replace Apps and make our lives EVEN easier. Although bots have been around in various forms since the birth of the internet the rise of the Facebook Messenger platform, and it’s Bots platform, has resulted in a potential worldwide Bot audience of billions.

But what is a Bot, what can Bots do and why might you want to build a Bot?

So what is a Bot?

In general, a Bot is a piece of technology, that has a text or voice interface (you tell it to do stuff, and it does it). The technology behind the interface will be able to do simple tasks like order a pizza, build a playlist or provide the user with a piece of information.

Lazyset can build you a Spotify playlist, Poncho will give you a sassy weather report and Doo will remind you to… do.

But you can already order a pizza online by clicking on things. Why is a Bot different?

Well it’s not really. The fact is that people are spending more time in messaging apps and less time on “web pages”. Businesses need to be where the users are and in 2016 onwards it looks like that place is in chat.

I’ve heard that Bots suck

Yep. Some of them do.

This is the early days of Bots. Bots need to learn how to interact with humans and, maybe, more importantly, humans needs to learn how to use, and what to expect from Bots.

Remember the early days of the App store? Things like:

Yeah, apps weren’t all the great in the beginning either.

The good news is that in the right use cases Bots are becoming simpler, faster and cheaper ways to get jobs done for users.

Do I need a Bot?


Don’t build a Bot for Bot’s sake.

Is there a piece of your business or service that can be provided simpler, faster or cheaper through a text or voice interface? or Do you think your brand may be better conveyed through one-to-one communication?

If yes, get a Bot built.

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