From behind the starting line, to in front of it

It’s a common thread on Medium. You regret the risks you don’t take instead of the ones you do. So it was time to step outside of my comfort zone and take a risk. Not a huge risk, it’s calculated, but it is something I haven’t done before. I’ve seen it done plenty of times, have formed opinions on it and often thought about diving into it, but rarely committed more than a thought.

But the timing just seemed right on this. A ripe opportunity to continue and build on a tradition that has been part of the community for years.

I will be the one that now says, “runners on your mark, get set…”


In 2017, I will take on the challenge of being the race director of the Dash & Dine 5k race series. I’ve always enjoyed participating in this tune up race each Spring. I think I know what it takes to get this going. What I don’t, I hope to learn from those who succeeded before me, and from the many who have played a vital role building this vibrant run community.

It goes against my very nature of being spontaneous and will test my will and limits to plan, organize, and inspire to pull off a great event. I plan on sharing my thoughts along the way as I navigate a new course in my life.

See you out on the course!

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